MINELRES: Georgia: Elections paradox in minority populated areas

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Mon Oct 16 18:49:52 2006

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Tradition goes on 

In the elections to the organs of local self-government conducted on 5
November 2006 in Georgia again happened fact being traditional for the
regions compactly populated by ethnic minority representatives.
Particularly in Akhalkalaki district (Samtskhe-Javakheti region), in
Alatumani electoral area (40th electoral district) 380 bulletins were
fixed while calculation. Given amount is 2 items more than voters
registered on this electoral area (378 persons). Correspondingly index
in accordance with which leading party won in mentioned area makes 101%.
One more fact: after closing at 8 p.m. of Madjadin electoral area 13 of
the same electoral district, counting of electoral bulletins lasted till
morning and obviously not in the electoral area, but in unknown for
opposite candidates place. Bulletins from this area appeared only the
next morning, now for 100% and all for "National Movement". 

Such facts happened in the past also, during "glorious" times of
Communistic regime and Shevardnadze. In particular, during Parliamentary
elections in 2003 in one of the electoral areas of Kvemo Kartli region
was fixed a case when leading for that period party "Citizens Union of
Georgia" received 104% of voters' voices. 

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Press-service of the Union "Public Movement Multinational

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