MINELRES: New Publication: Implementing the FCNM in Georgia, ECMI WP #28

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Wheatley, Jonathan (2006). Implementing the Framework Convention for the
Protection of National Minorities in Georgia: A Feasibility Study. ECMI
Working Paper #28. Flensburg: European Centre for Minority Issues, 64
pp., appendix.

Download:  http://www.ecmi.de/download/working_paper_28.pdf

The first part of this paper reviews the process leading up to the
formal ratification of the FCNM. It goes on to outline the Georgian
government's plans to implement the FCNM and the institutions that will
be involved in this process. The second part highlights particular areas
which the government will need to focus upon as it implements the
treaty, namely: the definition of what constitutes a national minority,
minorities in public administration, education, economic opportunities,
media and access to information, minority family names and toponyms,
culture and religion, and the rule of law. The final section draws the
strands together and identifies the key challenges Georgian government
and Georgian society faces as it adopts the FCNM. The appendix provides
an overview of all national minorities living in

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