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New from Conciliation Resources 

Dear Colleague,
A report on the 2005 Wilton Park conference, ‘Engaging armed groups in
peace processes’, is now available as a downloadable pdf at:

The conference, co-organized by Conciliation Resources, focused on the
different experiences of engaging with armed groups, charting the issues
and identifying the challenges to be addressed.
Participants supported the idea that principled and strategic engagement
should be actively considered as a strategy in resolving violent
conflicts, whilst acknowledging that effective engagement is not easy,
or guaranteed to result in a positive outcome.
The conference explored:

- the need for better understanding and analysis of armed groups as a
basis for any interventions to address armed conflict 
- the challenges of negotiating third party roles 
- the impact of proscription of armed groups on engagement opportunities
and challenges of upholding human rights standards 
- humanitarian engagement with armed groups, and 
- community-based engagement initiatives 

Other CR publications available on this topic include:

‘Engaging armed groups in peace processes: reflections on policy and
practice from Colombia and the Philippines’ 

‘Choosing to engage: armed groups and peace processes’ 

‘Engaging armed groups in peace processes.  Joint analysis workshop’ 

For more information please visit our website: http://www.c-r.org/ 

Thank you for your

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