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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

26 May 2006
Putting equality into practice  

Published in April 2006, ‘Putting equality into practice’ provides an
update of the work of the Community Action Programme against
discrimination so far, and also looks to the future. 

The 32-page report includes a section on analysis and evaluation of
discrimination, highlighting expert advice and showing how data can be
used to promote equality.  It also features sections on developing
capacity to combat discrimination and raising awareness of rights. 

‘Putting equality in practice’ is currently available in 
and Polish
Translations in the remaining EU official languages will be available

European Commission announces new calls for proposals
The two calls for proposals 
are for:

- Support towards the operating cost of a European level
non-governmental organisation representing and defending the rights of
Roma people (VP/2006/004)   

- National awareness-raising activities (VP/2006/005) 

The first call is to support a European level Roma organisation in its
work to promote equal treatment and combat discrimination of Roma
people. Further information about the EU and Roma is available on the
European Commission’s dedicated website -

The second call is for national awareness-raising campaigns and is
restricted to national authorities or NGOs and equality bodies nominated
to act on behalf of a national authority. The maximum amount available
for activities is ˆ150 000 for each Member State. Activities could be
organised under the theme of the European Year of Equal Opportunities
for All, which will take place in 2007.

The deadline for both calls is 14 July 2006.

Dutch journalists claim top award “For Diversity. Against
Sander Donkers and Harm Ede Botje from Dutch magazine ‘Vrij Nederland’
won first prize for their article highlighting racial discrimination in
the labour market.  Second and third prizes went to Poland and Ireland

Vladimir Spidla, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal
Opportunities, presented the awards to the journalists on 15 May 2006. 
This is the second year of the EU journalist award ceremony.  It is
presented on behalf of the European Commission’s “For Diversity. Against
Discrimination” campaign, which provides information about European
anti-discrimination policies.

The 2006 edition of the competition has already been launched
(http://www.journalistaward.stop-discrimination.info/), and will also
feature a special category for young journalists.

3rd issue of the biannual law review now available

The European network of legal experts
has recently published its 3rd bi-annual law review, covering the
development of anti-discrimination law and policy up until January 2006. 

The review includes an examination of the Collective Complaints
Procedure under the Council of Europe’s Social Charter as a mechanism
for combating discrimination.  It also explores the potential of the
Racial Equality Directive to effectively combat racial discrimination
against Roma.  Situation Tests as a means of proof in Europe are also

Regular sections provide an update on developments at European level,
while the section on news from the EU Member States documents changes at
a national level. 

Free hard copies of the review are available upon request from
review@non-discrimination.net or to download in English
and German

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