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EUI-WP 2006/15: 
A remaining share or a new part? The Unionís role vis-a-vis minorities
after the enlargement decade

This article attempts to identify the role of the Union vis-a-vis (its)
minorities after enlargement. Does the Union simply continue to take
care of the remaining share of the tasks it provided during the
enlargement decade or does it play a new part? In the former case the
Union would merely continue to apply the conditionality-policy vis-a-vis
current and future candidate states. In the latter case the Union would,
firstly, revamp its conditionality policy in its external relations,
secondly, considerably strengthen cooperation with the other two
European players in the area of minority protection and, thirdly,
develop stronger internal engagement for minorities living on the
EU-territory. The author argues that scenarios of  ďfading outĒ have so
far not materialized. Rather the Unionís policy vis-a-vis the Western
Balkans shows a revamped engagement for minority interests in the
Unionís external relations (part 2). Moreover a new inter-organisational
trialogue between the EU, the OSCE and Council of Europe is on its way
and will presumably further develop in future (part 5). Last but not
least the article shows that even in the internal sphere the Union is
strengthening its minority momentum. In this context the author not only
examines the Constitution of Europe (part 3) but focuses on new modes of
governance in the areas of the European Employment Strategy, the Social
Inclusion Process and the Immigration policy (part 4). The author notes
that the internalization of the minority-issue goes hand in hand with a
shift of interest from old minorities to new minorities. In conclusion
he says that the enlarged Union is not only taking care of a remaining
share of its former minority engagement but assuming a new part in the
area of minority protection.
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