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MPG e-news highlights activities, resources and events that contribute
to policy development on migration and anti-discrimination. MPG e-news
is aimed at stakeholders from all sectors of society - legal experts,
governments, businesses, NGOs, policy makers, independent agencies, the
EU, lobbyists, academics, the Council of Europe, policy experts - as
well as our partners and networks (see LINKS at the bottom of the page).

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European Anti-Discrimination Law Review: Issue 3
Articles on the Racial Equality Directive and Roma, the Council of
Europe's Collective Complaints Procedure and situation testing. Updates
on ECJ and ECHR case law, European policy and national legal
» more: http://www.migpolgroup.com/documents/3289.html


Migration News Sheet - May 2006
This issue highlights opinions of the Advocates General on key migration
cases pending before the ECJ. Other coverage ranges from the European
Council decision to increase the Schengen visa application fee to
humanitarian agencies’ criticism of the Spanish/Moroccan agreement on
the repatriation of unaccompanied minors. 
» more: http://www.migpolgroup.com/news/3296.html


Creative Interaction
MPG Activities Report 2004-2005 
» more: http://www.migpolgroup.com/documents/3298.html


DPN workshop on citizenship 22 May 2006
Members of the Diversity Policies Network (DPN) meet for an informal
workshop on citizenship 
» more: http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3282.html 

Equality at Work 23 - 24 May 2006
MPG to speak at research consultation ahead of the ILO Global Report on
the elimination of discrimination at work 
» more: http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3294.html 

Equinet Training 12 - 14 June 2006
Handling concrete cases: capacity building exercise organised by Equinet
for partner equality bodies 
» more: http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3300.html


MPG: www.migpolgroup.com

The Forum: European Supplier Diversity Business Forum 

EMD: European Migration Dialogue 
EMD extranet (restricted): http://www.migpolgroup.com/dialogue/  
About EMD: http://www.migpolgroup.com/topics/2075.html

DPN: Diversity Policies Network
DPN extranet (restricted): http://www.migpolgroup.com/diversity/
About DPN: http://www.migpolgroup.com/topics/2073.html

Equinet: European Network of Equality Bodies
Equinet website (restricted): http://www.equineteurope.org
About Equinet: http://www.migpolgroup.com/topics/2078.html


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