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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 
9 May 2006
Commission announces new calls for tender

The European Commission has posted three new calls for tender in the
field of anti-discrimination.  The calls are to:

1. Carry out a study on collecting data to measure progress in
anti-discrimination policies;
2. Organise and run training seminars for NGOs and social partners; and 
3. Conduct a study on multiple discrimination in the EU.  

The deadline for sending offers for the two studies is 12 June 2006. 
Responses to the call for training must be submitted by 26 June.  

For further information: 

Journalist Award 2006 open for entries

The “For Diversity. Against Discrimination.” Journalist Award aims to
stimulate debate and raise awareness of discrimination issues. 
Journalists from all 25 EU countries are invited to submit articles on
combating discrimination and promoting diversity in employment.  This
year, there is also a special award for young journalists. A total of
four winners will be invited to an award ceremony in Brussels, and also
win a trip to the EU country of their choice. The ceremony for the 2005
award will take place on 15 May in Brussels. 

For further information on how to apply:

SOLID training in legal issues

The SOLID project, which works for the effective transposition and
implementation of the EU Race Equality Directive, will be holding new
training events in May (for NGO representatives from Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, Latvia and Lithuania) and September (for Cyprus, Greece, the
Netherlands, Ireland and Slovenia).  The training will address standards
of the Directives and use of litigation at national level. SOLID is also
currently looking for national facilitators with experience of NGO
activism on racial equality and knowledge of laws on race discrimination
in their country.

For further information on how to apply:

Spotlight: Anti-discrimination & diversity training – good practices and
future needs

The May Spotlight on the European Commission’s anti-discrimination
website reports back on the Community Action Programme’s Annual
Conference, which was held in Warsaw on 24-25 April.  The event
showcased some of the best examples of anti-discrimination and diversity
training, and specialists from all 25 EU countries shared their
experiences.  The article provides links to all conference


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