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Current Vacancy: European Council on Refugees and Exiles: Secretary
General, Brussels (Deadline: 2 June) 
SALTO-YOUTH SEE Resource Centre is looking for a Programme Officer from
1 July 2006 onwards 
Application deadline is 22 May 2006

The SALTO-YOUTH SEE RC is a support structure for the Europe-wide
network of National Agencies of the European Commission's YOUTH
programme, for promoting co-operation with the countries of the Western
Balkans. The Centre is part of a European network of 8 SALTO-YOUTH
Resource Centres that support the development of the YOUTH programme
according to different priorities. 
For more information and application procedure please consult

INTERIGHTS Central and Eastern Europe/ former Soviet Union Programme:
Funded Internship 

The successful applicant will:

- have a degree in law;
- have worked for two years in a human rights NGO or as a practising
lawyer in Central and Eastern Europe /former Soviet Union;
- have worked with the European Convention of Human Rights and the
jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights;

For more information contact: Beth Fernandez <BFernandez@interights.org>
Human Rights Training Opportunities - 2006 

Human Rights Education Associates' web page on Human Rights Training
Opportunities - 2006:

Council of Europe - Traineeship Opportunities
Application deadline: September 15, 2006 (Due to the high volume of
applications to process, it is strongly advised to apply at least one
month before the deadline)
More information:
E-mail: traineeship.drh@coe.int
Online conference 'School Bullying and Violence: The Role of Media'
May 15 - June 9, 2006

The online conference 'School Bullying and Violence: The Role of Media'
is part of the EU funded VISIONARIES NET project and aims at bringing
together participants from several European countries who are interested
in the way School Bullying and Violence (SBV) is reported by the media.
The conference will also host SBV experts who will share their knowledge
and experience, and provide professional advice on how the information
about SBV should be treated.
More information:
E-mail: mcugler@concept.ro 

New EUMC Report on “Roma and Travellers in Public Education” 

On 4 May, 2006, The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia
(EUMC) released an overview report on the situation of Roma and
Travellers in education across the EU. The new EUMC Report gives
evidence that Roma and Traveller pupils are subject to direct and
systemic discrimination and exclusion in education. 

The full report on Roma and Travellers in Public Education can be
downloaded at: www.eumc.eu.int 

Conciliation Commission Members Share Best Practices in Mediating
Inter-Ethnic Disputes

On May 10 - 12, 2006, a group of 25 Roma and non-Roma Conciliation
Commission members from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will
meet in Chomutov, Czech Republic to discuss Conciliation Commissions. 
Conciliation Commissions are neutral, community-based structures that
manage and prevent disputes, and initiate activities designed to foster
inter-ethnic dialogues in the communities.  They are an integral part of
the four-year, USAID-funded Roma Integration Program (RIP), an
initiative carried out by Partners for Democratic Change
(www.partnersglobal.org), an international non-profit organization, and
Partners-Czech, Partners-Hungary and Partners-Slovakia. 

Macedonia: Multilingual guide to minority rights published

Implementing Minority Rights in Macedonia contains a digest of all
current legislation relating to ethnic minority rights and comments on
practical aspects of implementing the legislation. Simple and
easy-to-understand language is used and the manual is available in
Macedonian, Albanian, Vlach, Turkish, Roma, Serbian and English. 
Click here for the details:
Croatia: Stakeholder discussions spur further collaboration

Two round tables at the end of 2005 to discuss educational rights and
the participation of national minorities in political life and public
affairs were so successful that participants, who included all
stakeholders, agreed to continue working together on strategic
Click here for details:
Albania: Roma remain the most disadvantaged minority

Despite poverty among the Albanian majority and the national minorities,
research shows big differences in economic development between minority
communities. Business investment and government help in re-building the
infrastructure have been the catalysts for the Greek and Aromanian
communities to improve their lives, but the peripatetic Roma are still
in dire need of government support. 
Click here for details:
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Landmark minority participation in framing

Successful lobbying from the Center for Civic Initiatives led not only
to new legislation to protect national minorities in Bosnia Herzogovina,
but also to public participation in framing the new law, through a
two-month long series of public debates. 
Click here for details:

Romania: WB Loan Contract Discussed to Finance Social Inclusion Program 

3 May 2006

A Romanian delegation headed by minister Gheorghe Barbu will negotiate
in Washington this week a loan with the World Bank to finance a social
inclusion program for less favored categories of people, especially
Roma, ACT Media news agency reports. 

According to provisions of the Joint Memorandum for social inclusion,
signed between Romania and EU, and the Action Plan developed within the
Decade for Social Inclusion (2005-2015), the loan is requested to
support financing for the following programs considered a priority: To
improve living conditions in poor localities with Roma population, the
increase of number of children from vulnerable groups in programs for
early education, program for disable persons, program against domestic
violence, developing the capacity of National Agency for Roma to
identify, achieve and monitor projects. 

The implementation of these projects will be made over 2006-2011 through
the joint effort of the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and
Research, the Romanian Fund for Social Development and the National
Agency for Roma in partnership with representatives of County Councils
in area where such programs are urgently needed. 

Source: ACT Media News Agency 

Czech Republic: House of Parliament postponed anti-discriminatory law
Endorsement of anti-discriminatory law that should ensure the same
treatment to all people irrespective of their race, sex, sexual
orientation, or age, has been postponed by the House of Parliament
again. Representatives of the law from the governmental coalition were
missing at least 101 votes to outvote senate veto of this norm. Already
while the meeting hold in March, representatives postponed decision
making of this law. House of Parliament should deal with the bill at the
end of April’s meeting.  

Source: CTK, www.romea.cz

Three Roma politicians win mandates in new parliament - paper

Budapest, April 26 (MTI) - Three Roma politicians won mandates in the
new parliament, which is one person less than in the last parliament,
reported Nepszabadsag.

Main governing MSZP party MP Laszlo Teleki did not make it from the
party's national list this time and he told the paper that it has not
yet been decided whether he will remain as state secretary, Nepszabadsag

Main opposition Fidesz party will maintain three Roma MPs in parliament
for the next four years. Lungo Drom Chair Florian Farkas and Jozsef
Varga will remain in parliament, while Mihaly Lukacs's place will be
taken over by Istvan Racz, the paper said. Racz has been a delegate of
the Entrepreneurs' Party and made it into parliament from the Nograd
County list.

Of the other two parliamentary parties, smaller opposition MDF had no
Roma candidate and junior government SZDSZ's candidate was not

At the 2006 parliamentary elections, the MCF Roma Alliance Party led by
Orban Kolompar successfully set up a national list, but performed poorly
at the elections.

Brussels signals on-time entry for Bulgaria and Romania 
EU justice commissioner Franco Frattini has hinted that Bulgaria and
Romania could enter the union on time in January 2007, but face
continued Brussels monitoring on the implementation of justice reforms.

Ivan Ivanov, Executive Director, ERIO

The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is an international advocacy
organization which  promotes political and public discussion on Roma
issues by providing factual and in-dept information on a range of policy
issues to the European Union institutions, Roma civil organizations,
governmental authorities and intergovernmental bodies. The ERIO
cooperates with a network of a large number of organizations  and acts
to combat racial discrimination and social exclusion thorugh awarenes
raising, lobbying and policy development. 

Ave. Edouard Lacomble 17 
Brussels 1040 Belgium 
Tel: 0032(0)27333462

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