MINELRES: New book: The Last Bastion of Racism? Gypsies, Travellers and policing

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Title: The Last Bastion of Racism? Gypsies, Travellers and policing
by: John Coxhead
Price ?16.99, Eur
184 pages 
244 x 170mm
ISBN-10: 1 85856 390 9, ISBN-13: 978 1 85856 390 9

Due May 2007

“For the first time we are taking a skills based approach to driving
racism out of the police service rather than a training approach which
could never work. The Last Bastion is a definitive text to help move the
agenda forward to focus on skills, ensuring we have public confidence
from all communities in justice.” 

Dick Winterton, Chief Executive, Skills for Justice

This book deals with prejudice, specifically the neglected area of
prejudice towards Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers. It describes a
problem solving approach at both practitioner and strategic levels that
indicates ways of overcoming prejudice in many of its forms and of
achieving greater social justice. 

John Coxhead has drawn on his extensive research with practitioners,
strategic workers and the communities to highlight the issues. He
provides an analytical but practical approach – a toolkit for those
working in public services to improve service delivery.

As the definitive text for understanding the approaches and strategies
by which prejudice towards a certain community can be effectively
tackled, the book will be indispensable to practitioners in public
services, particularly criminal justice and policing. It will also
interest sociologists and the communities themselves.

Dr John Coxhead has worked for ten years as a police Gypsy and Traveller
Liaison Officer.

Foreword by Patrick Delaney and Lord Avebury. 


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