MINELRES: Council of Europe campaign DOSTA: Get rid of prejudices, Give Roma a chance!

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Sat May 13 09:02:45 2006

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The Council of Europe recently started the implementation of a third
joint Council of Europe/European Commission project on Roma in SEE.

The project, "Equal Rights and Treatment for Roma in SEE" will last two
years and will be implemented in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
and Montenegro, and "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".

This third joint project aims at: 
- assisting both governments and Roma representatives in enhancing their
capacity to participate together in the effective monitoring and
evaluation of the National Strategies for Roma in order to ensure their
effective implementation;

- and conducting a two year awareness raising campaign, "Dosta: Get rid
of prejudices, give Roma a chance!"

Dosta campaign aims to break down deep-rooted prejudices and
stereotypes, which are unfortunately still present among the majority
population throughout the European continent, by promoting a positive
image of Roma. Prejudices are often generating or encouraging
discrimination practices which are an obstacle to social cohesion,
equality, intercultural dialogue and peace. This campaign shall not only
contribute to raising awareness on Roma and therefore to improving their
participation in public and social life on an equal basis with other
citizens, but also provide good quality material to be used in other
Council of Europe member States. For more information regarding this
campaign: www.dosta.org

For other information on Council of Europe documentation related to Roma
and Travellers, please consult: http://www.coe.int/romatravellers

Michael GUET
Head of the Roma and Travellers Division
DG III - Social Cohesion
Council of Europe
Tel.: + 33 3 90 21 49 63
Fax: + 33 3 88 41 27 31

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