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Dear All,

Minority Rights Group International has just published the revised and
updated version of the guide on the Council of Europe’s foremost
minority protection instrument, the Framework Convention for the
Protection of National Minorities (FCNM). The guide, Framework
Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: Opportunities for
NGOs and Minorities written by Magdalena Syposz, former MRG Europe and
Central Asia Programme Coordinator, is available electronically from
MRG’s website

This guide targets minority-based and human rights NGOs and minority
communities in the Council of Europe area. It aims to increase the
effectiveness of their international advocacy activities for protection
of minority rights in their countries.

In many cases, international pressure is required, together with
domestic advocacy, so that the government, or in some cases
international actors influential in a country, take action to improve
laws, policies and practices for minority protection. This publication
is a guide on how the use of an international legal instrument can
assist minorities and human rights NGOs in achieving this international
pressure on governments that violate or do not respect minority rights.

The manual outlines the opportunities the FCNM offers to NGOs and
minority communities. Gathering and submitting relevant information on
the situation of a minority or minorities in a country in the form of a
shadow report is crucial. Since shadow reports can be a very useful way
for minority NGOs or minority communities to raise their concerns at the
international level, this guide provides tips for writing effective
shadow reports.

Additionally, this guide discusses both theoretical and practical issues
of how minority rights fit into the larger framework of human rights and
which European institutions are responsible for the protection of
minorities. It also offers suggestions on how to define NGO advocacy

Any comments or feedback on this manual are highly appreciated by MRG.
Please write to minority.rights@mrgmail.org.


Tibor Meszmann
Project coordinator

Minority Rights Group International
Europe and Central Asia Programme Officer
phone: +36 1 391 5756
email 1: tibor.meszmann@mrgmail.org
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