MINELRES: Kavkas-Press: Return of Meskhetian Turk families to Georgia begins

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Thu May 4 10:50:42 2006

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Return of Meskhetian Turk families to Georgia begins 

Excerpt from report by Georgian news agency Kavkas-Press 

Tbilisi, 24 April: The repatriation of people deported from southern
Georgia has practically started. Six Meskhetian Turk families will be
resettled from Azerbaijan in Georgia's Gori District within a month
under the 
Georgian president's order. 

When Georgia joined the Council of Europe it assumed obligations to
repatriate Meskhetian Turks, deported from Georgia in 1944 by Stalin's
regime, and to do this by 2011. 

[Passage omitted: Georgia's ethnic Armenians are said to be opposing the
return of Meskhetian Turks] 

Source: Kavkas-Press, Tbilisi, in Georgian 1113 gmt 24 Apr

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