MINELRES: Conference: The FCNM: A Useful Pan-European Instrument?, Brussels, 5 May 2006

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On Friday 5 May 2006, the conference: "The FCNM: A Useful Pan-European
Instrument?" will be held in Brussels, Belgium. The conference is
jointly organised by the Institutes for Human Rights and Constitutional
Law of the Catholic University of Leuven and the Academy of European
Law of Florence with the support of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium
for Science and the Arts (Contact Forum programme) and the European
Masters Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation.

This conference wants to critically evaluate the Framework Convention
for the Protection of National Minorities. Can it become a pan-European
document, given the non-ratification by some Council of Europe member
states, such as Belgium, France, Greece and Turkey? Furthermore, what is
the added value of the FCNM, compared to other international minority
monitoring mechanisms?

The conference is designed to bring together a number of leading
international experts. Several rapporteurs and discussants are closely
involved with the monitoring of minority protection in Europe. The
conference should be of interest to a wide audience of academics,
practitioners, policy makers, NGOs, and to all those interested in
minority rights.

The program and registration form can be downloaded from
http://www.law.kuleuven.ac.be/humanrights/minoritiesconference.htm or
from http://www.iue.it/AEL/.

Deadline of registration is 25 April

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