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Sun Mar 5 11:34:20 2006

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Dear MINELRES list members, 

I am sorry to inform you about some forced changes we have to make in the 
list's functioning. The major problem we are facing lately is the expiration of 
the funding for the project. The previous grant is over, and we haven't 
succeeded in securing new grant for MINELRES so far. 

Because of these circumstances, we are unable to maintain the same regularity 
of the postings you have got used to. Since 1997, i.e. for 9 years, we have 
been circulating postings on daily basis. However, now we cannot but reduce our 

Nothing is permanent in this world, and our project is not, too. It seems that 
MINELRES was the very first specialised Internet-based project and the first 
specialised mailing list devoted to minority issues. However, a number of other 
projects have emerged during these years, and most of them have much more 
resources and better capacities than our modest NGO. Besides, minority related 
problems are not any longer perceived as the main threat to peace and security, 
unlike in the 90s. Europe is facing new challenges, and handling them 
increasingly require concentration of resources in key areas. Due to these 
reasons, we understand that the projects like ours are treated as lower 
priority by the funders.  

Nevertheless, we believe that Europe should continue paying serious attention 
to minority issues. We will do our best to keep the list alive, as long as our 
more than limited resources permit. 

We will be grateful for any advice on other possible sources of funding. We 
will be happy to consider any proposals for cooperation, and will gladly 
contribute our experience, skills and networks into any joint projects on 
dissemination of minority related information. 

Hoping to continue meeting you in cyberspace, 


Boris & Boris 

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