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>From Power Sharing to Democracy
Post-Conflict Institutions in Ethnically Divided Societies
Edited by Sid Noel, Kings University College

Post-conflict societies invariably experience great difficulty in making
their new democratic power-sharing institutions work. In Northern
Ireland, the system for power sharing prescribed in the Good Friday
Agreement of 1998 has repeatedly broken down. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the
system prescribed under the Dayton Accord of 1995 depends for its
survival on the presence of a substantial international peacekeeping

>From Power Sharing to Democracy examines the theoretical underpinnings
of power sharing as a means of achieving sustainable democratic
governance. Contributors examine key areas, including Afghanistan,
Cyprus, Kosovo, Macedonia, and South Africa, where power-sharing
constitutions and political institutions have been employed or proposed.
They provide an in-depth exploration of consociationalism, under which
the previously warring ethnic communities are guaranteed a proportionate
share of political offices and protection of their vital interests, and
federalism, which provides for substantial territorial autonomy in cases
where the communities are territorially segregated.

McGill-Queen's University Press
December 2005 312 pages 16.95 PB 0-7735-2948-9


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