MINELRES: SOVA Center: Human Rights Conference, 5 July: address to the leaders of G8 countries

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Thu Jul 20 09:44:33 2006

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Human Rights Conference, 5 July: the position, expressed on the problems of
racism, xenophobia and freedom of conscience. 


The all-Russian conference "Human Rights in Russia in the Year of Russia's 
Chairmanship in the G8 and the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers" 
(organized with the assistance of SOVA) has adopted an address (Word 
document) to the leaders of the G8 countries.

The address has an appendix "Brief overview of human rights problems in 
Russia and recommendations", which covers a very wide range of problems. 
On our site we publish the parts concerning religion in the society, 
xenophobia and counteraction to it.

SOVA Center for Information and Analysis, Moscow


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