MINELRES: 12th session of the UN Working Group on Minorities, 8-11 August 2006, Geneva

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Tue Jul 11 08:29:05 2006

Original sender: Fiona Blyth-Kubota <fblyth-kubota@ohchr.org>

Please, be informed that the United Nations Working Group on Minorities
will hold its Twelfth session from Tuesday 8 to Friday 11 August 2006
(mornings only) in the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva.   
For organizations wishing to register to participate in this meeting,
they should contact either Fiona Blyth-Kubota at email
fblyth-kubota@ohchr.org or 
Sofie de Dobbelaere at email minorities-intern@ohchr.org.
Fiona Blyth-Kubota
OHCHR, Geneva 

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