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Tue Jan 31 21:36:42 2006

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Dear friends,
in the frame of the youth programme we are looking for partners
interested in two different topics: human rights education and
minorities issues.

We intend to submit (together with some partners we already have) two
training courses:

1) addressed to youth leaders, youth workers who are interested in
working in this field. How can we use human rights education as a tool
for better understanding, for better respect others and to improve
cooperation between people and countries...

2) addressed to youth leaders, youth workers interested in know better
what are minorities, the problems connected with them and what can we do
together with them... So the partners we are looking for are
associations working in this frame and interested to deepen their

These are only the main idea of the  pjs, if you are interested write a
motivation e-mail
to pangelica@tdm2000.org and send the partIII.

We will write the name of the pj by hand, to save time.Please send it to
fax number +39070813155 or by e-mail to pangelica@tdm2000.org

If you are interested in both, please send us 2 so that we will try to
insert you in both TCs... 
we will let u now if you are taken...

Thank you

Angelica Perra
TDM2000 - Italy

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