MINELRES: 2006 ASN Conference in Belgrade - Call for Papers

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Fri Jan 27 18:34:51 2006

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2006 ASN Conference in Belgrade - Call for Papers 

A 2006 ASN European Conference on Globalization, Nationalism and Ethnic
Conflict in the Balkans and its Regional Context (ASN Conference,
Belgrade 2006) will be organized by the Forum for Ethnic Relations (FER)
in the Sava Center, Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro on September
28  30, 2006. 

We hereby announce that all the necessary applications for the ASN
Conference Belgrade 2006 are available on the website of the Forum for
Ethnic Relations. 

We invite you to visit our website at www.fer.org.yu , download required
application forms and apply to the ASN Conference Belgrade 2006. 

If you have any additional questions, doubts or remarks fell free to
contact us at ferbgd@eunet.yu 

Slobodan Boskovic
CC Secretary
ASN 2006 Belgrade 

Forum for Ethnic Relations
Narodnog fronta 45
11 000 Belgrade
Serbia and Montenegro
++ 381 11 361 66 54
++ 381 11 362 07 81

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