MINELRES: Fwd: Romas and Ashkalis Ask to Participe in Status Delegation

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Romas and Ashkanlis Ask to Participe in Status Delegation
Roma and Ashkanli representatives want to be part of the Kosovo Negotiations 
Team and of all working groups for status talks. 

Zylfi Merxha  
The Chairman of the Party of the United Romas, Zylfi Merxha made these comments 
at the Forum “Kosovo’s Final Status and position of Romas and Ashkanlis”. 

“We should take part in all those groups, because we are part of this country,” 
Merxha said. He said that the situation of Romas and Ashkanlis in Kosovo, 
except in certain areas, is good. 

“However we lack employment and education. Not even one Roma is employed in 
UNMIK or in the institutions of Kosovo,” Merxha said, adding that unemployment 
is a problem that other communities are facing, too. 

UNMIK Official for Communities, Patricha Varin said in her address that 
protection of minorities will be one of the most important issues during the 
status talks. 

“Therefore your leaders should be united on the issues having to do with your 
future,” she said.  


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