MINELRES: Employment Opportunity: National Democratic Insitute's Slovakia Roma Program

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NDI seeks a Program Coordinator to help in the planning, design, and 
implementation of its Roma Political Participation Program. The 
position is based in Bratislava with regular travel to the region. 
The Program Coordinator will provide support to the Program Director 
in daily program management activities. 


The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) is 
a nonprofit and non-partisan organization working to strengthen and 
expand democracy worldwide.

Since April 2004, NDI has worked to build a skilled group of Roma 
activists in both Bulgaria and Slovakia who can add political 
expertise to parties, government, and civil society and use elected 
and appointed office to influence legislation and policies affecting 
Roma communities. 

The overall goal of the Roma political participation program is to 
enable Roma to win elected office and to pursue their issues through 
political and legislative processes. 
The specific program objectives are the following:

- To improve Roma candidate's ability to campaign effectively.
- To assist mainstream candidates running for office in Roma 
population centers in addressing Roma constituent concerns.
- To ensure that elected officials, both Roma and mainstream, have 
advanced skills to better engage Roma communities.
- To help build a regional network of trained Roma activists.

Primary Responsibilities
 Work with Program Director in the design and implementation of 
Roma Political Participation Program with political parties, civic 
organizations, elected officials, local governments and legislatures 
 Organize logistical and some programmatic aspects of trainings and 
conferences, both locally and abroad 
 Train program participants on selected topics
 Draft reports, newsletter articles and other documents about NDI 
program activities 
 Translate documents to/from Slovak/English. 
 Monitor on a daily basis political events throughout the country 
 Maintain relationships with program participants and partners in 
parliament, civil society, and government 

  Experience working with minorities, preferably Roma
  Bachelors degree in international relations/social science or 
related subject; master's degree preferred 
  Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  Fluency in Slovak language
  Excellent writing skills in English  
  Willingness to travel and work extra hours
  Proficiency in Microsoft Word applications (Word, Excel, 
Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.) 
  Ability to work independently

To apply send a letter of motivation and CV in English to:
E-mail: etinsley@ndi.org or Fax: +001-202-729-5569 

For more information contact:

Ed Tinsley
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
Program Assistant
Roma Political Participation Program
Washington, D.C.

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