MINELRES: BETA: Serbia: Minority groups talk to senior officials

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Minority groups talk to senior officials 

| 15:46 January 16 | 

BELGRADE -- Monday – Serbian President Boris Tadic and Prime Minister
Vojislav Kostunica met with representatives of Serbian minority groups

Kostunica met with Roma officials, while Tadic talked to Vlach

Officials of the Serbian Vlach Council spoke to Tadic about the problems
which the Vlach community is having with preserving and realizing their
national identity within public activities, according to council
officials. They stated that Serbia has changes that it must make within
its laws regarding minority and human rights, which will better enable
minority groups to live properly within Serbia. 

According to the council, Tadic supported the initiative to hold
elections for a council for the Serbian Vlach community, as well as the
National Council for the Cultural Autonomy of Serbian Vlachs. 

Kostunica met with Roma officials to discuss already familiar topics of
improving the living standards and circumstances of the Roma community
in Serbia. 

The discussions mainly revolved around implementing the “Roma Decade”
project and program, which is meant to help the community in the fields
of education, health insurance, employment and housing. 

Kostunica said that it is also very important to integrate the Roma
community into the public and social life of the nation, adding that the
Serbian Government has intentions of increasing the rights of Romas in
Serbia, as well as all other minority

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