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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

New calls for proposals and tender  

The European Commission plans to launch a number of new calls for
proposals and calls for tender during the course of 2006 – under the
Community Action Programme to combat discrimination. Calls for proposals
will be issued for: 

An EU-level organisation representing and defending Roma, to provide
support towards its operating costs. This call will be published during
the first quarter of 2006 and represents a re-issue of the call
originally issued in 2005. 

Awareness-raising activities developed by national authorities. This
call will only be addressed to the relevant national authorities (EU
Member States, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey) and will be issued in the
first quarter of the year.

Calls for tender will be issued for:

A study on multiple discrimination
A study on socially disadvantaged ethnic minorities
A study on developing indicators to measure the extent and impact of
Non-discrimination training for NGOs and social partners in EU Member
States, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and EEA countries.

More information – as well as the calls themselves, when published – is
available on: 

The EU and Roma – now online 
The European Commission has launched a new website dedicated to the
Roma. It aims to provide information on the EU’s activities in support
of the Roma, Gypsy and Traveller community across Europe. The site is
aimed at anyone interested in Roma affairs, from individuals to
non-governmental organisations and government bodies. Users can access a
range of information on the different policies, programmes and
initiatives of the EU to promote social inclusion and combat
discrimination against Roma.

New head of anti-discrimination unit 
Stefan Olsson has been appointed as the new head of the European
Commission’s anti-discrimination unit. He replaces Barbara Nolan, who
has moved to head up the communication unit in the Employment, Social
Affairs and Equal Opportunities

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