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The First Marburg Spring School

The analysis of ethnic conflicts is en vogue in many strands of the
social sciences. Concepts like ethnization or ethnification are used to
describe the rising tide of this type of conflicts. However, many
analysts tend to use the concept of ethnicity as a mere epiphenomenon v
as if scientific inquiry only needed to uncover the "real" causes, e.g.
economic or political cleavages, underlying a given conflict. 

The Seminar

In this transdisciplinary seminar we will explore a slightly different
line of thought. Based on a broad reading of different theories of
ethnicity, ranging from Max Weber to constructivism, we will reconstruct
dynamics of ethnic conflicts as self-sustaining systems equipped with
their own inner rationale. Based on perspectives in sociology, political
science, psychology, and cultural anthropology we will tackle questions
like: What do observers and participants mean by calling a social
phenomenon ethnic? Why are ethnic discourses so often used to describe
group conflicts? What are typical trajectories of ethnic conflicts? What
types of ethnic settings stabilize a given social order and which
promote the escalation of ethnic conflicts?


The seminar is designed for Ph.D. students in the social sciences who
work on ethnic conflicts. It employs two pedagogical methods: on the one
hand, experienced teachers from various fields will give an overview of
various disciplinary approaches and highlight potential routes for
transdisciplinary research; on the other hand, advanced doctoral
students are encouraged to work together in small groups to discuss
their own research projects.

Potential topics to be analyzed include:

Political Science
Ethnic conflicts v An assessment of old and new theories of ethnic
inter-group struggle
Ethnic community-building as a means for political mobilization
Ethnicity and political culture

The shifting ethnic group structure in Europe and North America
Ethnicity and race v Competing or supplementing terms?
Ethnicity and the nation state

Social Psychology
Social identity and ethnicity
Group conflicts and violence

Cultural Anthropology
Why, when and how are conflicts ?ethnified¦?
Construction of (ethnic) identity in popular media

For questions on the Spring School, please contact the Center for
Conflict Studies at konflikt@staff.uni-marburg.de.

For applications, please use our online application system (available
from 15th November onwards).

Further contact information:

Center for Conflict Studies
Philipps-UniversitÄt Marburg
Ketzerbach 11
35032 Marburg


+ 49 64 21 / 28 24 915 (Dr. Kerstin Zimmer)
+ 49 64 21 / 28 24 444 (S. Rein, G. Fischer)

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