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Scholarships for Human and Minority Rights Summer Program

Amsterdam – Berlin – Copenhagen – Paris - Warsaw - New
York/Washington D.C.
3 June to 4 July 2006, 23 September to 1 October 2006

Call for application to students in Central and Eastern Europe and

Countries eligible: Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia,
Romania, Ukraine

Deadline for Application: 23 March 2006

Please circulate

Call for Applications

Humanity in Action (HiA) is an European-American organization that
brings together European, Georgian and American students with an active
interest in human and minority rights and the exchange of experiences in
defending and enhancing them. The organization is devoted to the study
and betterment of human rights and specifically the relationship between
majority and minority populations. We invite applications from students
with not only an eager interest in analysis and discussion but also in
grass roots project work. The summer program is designed to provide a
starting point with regard to issues of human and minority rights.

The five summer programs are run simultaneously in Amsterdam, Berlin,
Copenhagen, Paris and Warsaw with a joint opening and closing session.
Eleven students from Central and Eastern Europe are distributed among
the five summer programs, with an additional ten Dutch students in
Amsterdam, ten German students in Berlin, ten Danish students in
Copenhagen, ten French students in Paris, seven Poles and three Germans
in Warsaw and
nine American students in each of the programs. The summer programs will
be followed by a 10-day seminar in the United States at the end of
September 2006, bringing together the Fellows from all European
participating countries and Georgia (see schedule below).

During the Summer Programs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and 
Warsaw the participants will be offered two weeks of lectures and site 
visits on the topic of how societies deal with their various minorities, 
e.g. religious, ethnic, etc. The focus will be historic as well as 
contemporary. For another two weeks, the Fellows are expected to work in 
teams on specific issues within the framework of the summer school (oral 
and written reports) and make substantial contributions to the success
of the program. To get a detailed insight into the programs of recent
years, see personal testimonials by Senior Fellows and read the papers
of the Fellows, please check our website: www.humanityinaction.org.

HIA does NOT provide “how-to” training for human rights activists. It
does provide input so that people’s volunteer work and professional
careers can be directed by a well-informed awareness of minority issues.
Previous Fellows have used the knowledge and experiences gained on the
HIA program in their community work, their further education and their
career paths in government, the non-profit sector, media and the private

For our program in summer 2006 (June 3rd to July 4th 2006) we invite 
university students from Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, 
Romania and Ukraine to submit their applications. You need to be 
permanently based in one of these countries as a student and hold the 
countries citizenship. Very good active and passive command of English
is mandatory. Humanity in Action looks for students who are flexible,
mature and self-reliant. At the same time students need to be at ease
with intense, constant group activities and interaction. Students in
their first two semesters as well as post-graduates (post MA) or Ph.D.
candidates cannot be considered.

Costs and expenses for accommodation, food and travel will be covered.

3 June to 6 June: Travel to Copenhagen. International opening session in 
Denmark: Meeting of American, Danish, Dutch, German, French, Polish and 
Central and Eastern European/Georgian Fellows.
7 June: Fellows go to the five national programs
8 June-3 July: For the remainder of the program, the Fellows in Denmark, 
Germany, France, The Netherlands and Poland follow approximately the
same program: 10 days of seminars focused on the host country’s culture,
economy, religions, current tensions between its majority and minority
populations, history during the Second World War and subsequent human
rights policies; 10 days of research, writing and presenting reports by
international teams of Fellows on subjects relating to contemporary
minority issues, human rights, and the war period. HIA publishes and
distributes these reports. 
1-4 July: The Fellows meet in two groups in The Netherlands and Germany
and share their experiences and discuss their reports.
4 July: Fellows return to their native countries or place of residence.
24 September-2 October: European Fellows attend weeklong seminars in 
Washington, DC and New York.

Application Requirements - HiA Summer Program 2006

Application Package:

Return all required information via email to:

Rainer Ohliger
Humanity in Action
Email: r.ohliger@humanityinaction.org

Applications must be submitted by 23 March 2006

The following information is required from each applicant for the
in Action fellowship. It must be submitted IN ONE SINGLE FILE by 23
2006. An incomplete application will not be considered.
1) application form (see below)
2) curriculum vitae (no more than two pages)
3) one essay of no more than 500 words in which you state your 
motivation and qualification to participate in the program
4) one essay of no more than 700 words in which you discuss a
relevant human rights or minority issue in your native country.

Short-listed applicants will be interviewed by phone or in person 
beginning/midst of April 2006.

The participation of students from Georgia is made possible by The
Greenoak Group (www.greenoakholdings.com)


Humanity in Action
Application Form for Summer Program 2006



Telephone/Cell Phone/ Fax:




Special needs (e.g. vegetarian, allergies etc.):

Academic Background

Field of Studies:


No of Semesters:

Level of English Proficiency:

Speaking:          Fair      Medium     Excellent
Understanding:     Fair      Medium     Excellent
Writing:           Fair      Medium     Excellent

Other foreign languages spoken:

Personal Interests:

Extra-Curricular Activities (on a separate sheet, if needed):

Membership in organizations etc.:


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