MINELRES: Macedonian minority party EFA-Rainbow brings Greek diplomats in front of Justice

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Florina /Lerin 21/2/06 

EFA-Rainbow brings the slanderers in front of Justice 

The European Free Alliance-Rainbow, through 4 members of its Political
Secretariat, registered today a complaint against Greek diplomat
Georgios Ayfantis and its political supervisors at the Greek Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, charging them of defamation.

Last November, in front of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of
Europe (Legal Affairs & Human Rights Committee), G. Ayfantis tried to
justify why Greece remains one of the few counties of the CoE yet to
ratify the Framework Convention on the Protection of National
Minorities, although the country has initially signed it 9 years ago.
Having absolutely no arguments to do so, he used a series of absurd and
completely false allegations.

When he was directly asked why Greece does not recognize its Macedonian
minority, Ayfantis who -unfortunately and under the directions of its
supervisors- represented our country at an international organization of
significant magnitude, exceeded all limits of impudence by claiming: 

These few (Slavophones) who are represented by EFA-Rainbow are
individuals who want to get secession from Greece and join FYROM,
supported by people in FYROM..

So, at last Mr Ayfantis will have the unique opportunity to prove in
front of Greek courts his insulting allegations that he manufactured in
panic, trying to avoid admitting the true reasons behind Greeces
constant refusal to recognize the ethnic Macedonians within its

EFA- Rainbow will call as witnesses, among others, the Head of the Greek
parliamentary delegation in the CoE Mrs Elsa Papadimitriou, the MPs
Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, Theodoros Pangalos and Nassos Alevras, as well
as the representatives of the Greek Helsinki Monitor/Minority Rights
Group-Greece, all present when the above statement took place. Other
witnesses who will be requested to testify are the Florina/Lerin MP
Georgios Lianis, the Prefect of Florina/Lerin Ioannis Stratakis and
representatives of international organizations for the protection of
human rights and freedom of speech.

The Press Office of

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