MINELRES: "Nor Serund": Violations of the rights of Armenians in Abkhazia

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Tue Feb 21 08:20:31 2006

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Dear compatriots, 

We address you on behalf of Unity of Georgian Armenians "Nor Serund". As
you know during the last few months Armenians living in Abkhazia* more
often become subject of violation, and in several cases even persecution
under ethnic background. In particular, during the last period was
exploded pedestal of the monument of O.Tumanian, in Sukhumi Armenian
school named after O.Tumanian thundered two explosions, one hundred of
militia servants of Armenian nationality were discharged from their job
place, in Gagra and Sukhumi are being distributed leaflets with
anti-Armenian contents printed in Russian language, was beat
unmercifully serviceman for the reason that he refused to chop firewood
for Abkhazian officer. 

Realizing delicacy of given issues we during the whole post-conflict
period (1994-2006) abstained from discussion of this topic in various
strata of society, as well as from any reaction from our side on issues
related to Armenians of Abkhazia. But as we can see our non-intervention
only supports to development of anti-Armenian moods and provocations. 

We are sure that from today Armenians of Abkhazia as well as Armenians
of the whole region are interested in clear situation related to
conflict regulation, when it would be possible to create normal life and
activity conditions. We are not interested in appearance of new
interethnic dissention emplacements both in Caucasus and around the

Proceeding from all abovementioned on 16th of February 2006 we organized
the press-conference where was stated that from today we do not intend
to limited ourselves by the role of passive observer. We addressed
international organizations (whose mandate of activity is being spread
on Abkhazia) with request to display more initiatives aimed at
protection of rights and freedoms of people being minorities due to
their ethnic belonging. We also expressed our willingness to participate
in negotiations process and address both sides of Georgian-Abkhazian
conflict with request to think about positive contribution which can
make Armenian communities from both sides of opposition into creation of
interethnic balance.

In connection with all said above we would like to acknowledge you about
willingness of the below signed organizations to create pan-Armenian
coalition and to address you, our compatriots, to pay more attention to
life of Armenian population of Abkhazia, display activeness in conflict
resolution and creation of elementary civilian life conditions.   

With deep respect, 

Unity of Georgian Armenians "Nor Serund" - Mari Mikoyan 
Union of Armenian Youth of Georgia - Mikhail Avakyan 
Union of Armenian Students of Georgia - Anjela Zalinyan 
Association of Avlabari Armenians of Tbilisi - Robert Arutunyan 
Children charitable fund "Arevik" - Emma Akhtyan 
Union of Armenian women of Georgia "Shushanik" - Susanna Khachatryan 
Union of Armenians of Adjara - Artur Oganesyan 
Center for support to reforms and democratic development of
Samtskhe-Javakheti (Akhalkalaki) - Gagik Yandyan 
Tbilisi community of the Union of Armenians of Georgia - Arnold

* Abkhazia - Autonomy Republic (territory -  8,7 thousand square
kilometers), is a part of Georgia, which as a result of military
conflict in 1992-1994 is not controlled by central authorities of
Armenian population of Abkhazia (mainly speaking Amshen dialect) in
accordance with unofficial statistics makes about 67 000 people. On 15th
of April 2004 Armenian community of Abkhazia was created. Three
organizations - "Krunk", Cultural center and Gagra society "Mashtoz"
were broken up and as a result one common organization was created -
Armenian community of Republic of Abkhazia. In Abkhazia there are 36
Armenian secondary schools, is being issues printing body of the
community -

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