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ECRI’s Seminar with national specialised bodies 

16 – 17 February 2006, Strasbourg – ECRI is organising a Seminar with
national specialised bodies to combat racism and racial discrimination,
which will focus on to the issue of mediation and other forms of dispute
resolution in cases of racism and racial discrimination.

The aim of this Seminar will be to promote mediation as an alternative
method of dispute resolution and to provide national specialised bodies
with the theoretical and methodological framework in this field. At the
same time this Seminar will also address other methods of dispute
resolution in order to enable national specialised bodies to take in the
future more informed decisions on which method of dispute resolution is
the most effective and appropriate, when they are confronted with a
concrete case of racism and racial discrimination. Special emphasis will
be put on the exchange of good practices, including concrete case
studies in this field.


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