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The preliminary program of the ASN 2006 World Convention is now
available at http://www.nationalities.org/ASN_2006_Prelim_Program.pdf. A
registration form can also be downloaded at
http://www.nationalities.org/ASN_2006_REGISTRATION_FORM.pdf. The
Convention, sponsored by the Harriman Institute, will be held at
Columbia University, New York, March 23-25, 2006.

The program features 100 panels, not yet including up to ten film
screenings to be announced later. As usual, the Convention boasts the
most international lineup of panelists of North American-based
conventions, with more than half of the 307 scholars who will be
delivering papers (54 percent, from 42 countries, the same numbers as
last year) currently based outside of the United States. More than 600
panelists and participants are expected at the convention.

The Convention will be hosting six special panels featuring new major
books by Rogers Brubaker (Ethnicity Without Groups, Harvard 2004), Yuri
Slezkine (The Jewish Century, Princeton 2005), Jack Snyder (Electing to
Fight: Why Emerging Democracies Go to War, MIT, 2005, co-written with
Edward D. Mansfield), V. P. "Chip" Gagnon, Jr., (The Myth of Ethnic War,
Cornell 2004), Francine Hirsch (Empire of Nations: Ethnographic
Knowledge and the Making of the Soviet Union, Cornell 2005), and Yoshiko
Herrera (Imagined Economies, Cambridge 2005).

The Brubaker book panel is part of the section "Theories of
Nationalism," now in its third year at the ASN Convention, which offers
a platform for the latest trends in nationalism studies worldwide.
"Nationalism" features eleven panels, such as "The Causes of Violent
Conflicts," "Nationalism and Self-Determination," "Asymmetric Federalism
Unrivalled: The Institutional Design of Peace Settlements," and
"Nationalism in the Middle East." Charles Tilly, Paul Brass, Michael
Hechter, Roger Petersen, Andreas Wimmer and John McGarry will be among
the panelists.

The Convention is also introducing a "Romania Day" (Saturday March 25),
featuring four consecutive Romania-related panels, and the annual
meeting of the Society for Romanian Studies, which will be held at ASN
for the first time. These panels are part of a record number of
seventeen panels for the Central Europe section, six of which involving
historians, a growing constituency at ASN. The American Association of
Ukrainian Studies will also hold its annual meeting at ASN, amidst the
large offering of Ukraine-related panels (thirteen). A special
roundtable on the March parliamentary elections in Ukraine, which will
take place the day after the convention closes, will be of the numerous
highlights of the Ukraine section.

As always, the Convention offers a strong lineup of panels in all
regions of the former Communist world and Eurasia: Russia, the Caucasus,
Central Asia/Turkey, the Balkans and, as mentioned above, Ukraine and
Central Europe. Every year, the Program Committee has to be more
selective in devising the lineup, due to the increasing number of
proposals. Russia and the Caucasus will have a combined 13 panels,
Eurasia and Turkey - a combined 15, the Balkans -a dozen. Thirteen
panels appear in the "Thematic" section. Three panels on Oil Politics, a
panel and a new documentary on Chechnya, two panels on the Kurds, panels
on Kosovo and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former
Yugoslavia, three panels on the Roma, three panels on the "Colored
Revolutions," and a panel on "Nationalism and Islam" are among the
highlights of the program.

The Convention will also feature a film lineup, which will be announced
in late February.

Since 2005, the ASN Convention is acknowledging excellence in graduate
studies research in offering Awards for Best Graduate Student Papers in
five sections: Russia/Ukraine/Caucasus, Central Asia/Eurasia, Central
Europe, Balkans, and Nationalism Studies. The winners at the 2005
Convention were Lisa Koriouchkina (Brown U, Anthropology,
Russia/Ukraine/Caucasus), Evangelos Liaras (MIT, Political Science,
Central Asia/Eurasia), Shannon Woodcock (U of Tirana, Anthropology,
Central Europe), Jessica Greenberg (U of Chicago, Anthropology,
Balkans), and Bijita Majumdar (Rutgers U, Sociology, Nationalism
Studies). Several dozens doctoral students will be eligible for awards
at the 2006 Convention.

We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

For practical information regarding the convention, please contact
Gordon Bardos (gnb12@columbia.edu, 212 854 8487). For information on
panels, please contact Dominique Arel (darel@uottawa.ca) or Sherrill
Stroschein (s.stroschein@ucl.ac.uk).

Dominique Arel, ASN President
Gordon N Bardos, Convention Director
Sherrill Stroschein, Program Chair
on behalf of the ASN Convention Organizing

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