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Dear Colleagues

ECPR Graduate Conference
7-9 September 2006
University of Essex

Proposed panel: The Influence of European Organisations on National 
Minority Issues in Post-Communist Europe

This panel will discuss the impact of European organisations such as 
the EU, the OSCE and the Council of Europe on national minority issues 
and ethnic conflict in the post-Communist countries, from the Baltic 
states to the Balkans. Both discussions of individual cases and more 
general and theoretical contributions concerning the impact itself (is 
there really such a causal relationship, how did it work, the norms 
vs. interests debate, etc) are welcome.  

Please contact me on jakob.skovgaard@iue.it if you are interested in 
submitting a paper for the above-mentioned panel. As the deadline is 
1st of March I would prefer to receive paper proposals before the 20th 
of February.

Jakob Skovgaard


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