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Welcome to MPG e-news

MPG e-news highlights activities, resources and events that contribute
to policy development on migration and anti-discrimination. 

MPG e-news is aimed at stakeholders from all sectors of society - legal
experts, governments, businesses, NGOs, policy makers, independent
agencies, the EU, lobbyists, academics, the Council of Europe, policy
experts - as well as our partners and networks (see LINKS at the bottom
of the page).

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Mapping legislative anti-discrimination measures and their impact

Study to cover the 25 EU Member States, Romania, Bulgaria, the United
States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa 
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/news/3171.html

MPG to write study for European Parliament on benchmarking integration
One-year research project will make recommendations for a system of
benchmarking to measure the success of integration policies in Europe 
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/news/3166.html

Developing Anti-Discrimination Law in Europe
Comparative analysis prepared for the European Network of Independent
Legal Experts in the non-discrimination field 
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/documents/3080.html

Capacity building of civil society 
Training manuals for capacity building of civil society dealing with
anti-discrimination now available online » more 


Migration News Sheet
This month’s issue will be out shortly. The summary of the January 2006
issue, featuring the debate on information extracted through torture,
alleged European knowledge of US 'renditions' and British agents'
participation in Greek roundup of Pakistanis, is available here  
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/news/3147.html

European Anti-Discrimination Law Review
The second issue of the bi-annual European Anti-discrimination Law
Review prepared by the European Network of Legal Experts in the
non-discrimination field. Articles on multiple discrimination, the ECJ
and anti-discrimination law, and preliminary rulings 
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/documents/3135.html


Anti-Discrimination Country Reports 2005
Full set of Country Reports on the transposition of the EU
anti-discrimination directives available for download, along with
summaries in English and French. 
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/documents/3169.html

Current Immigration Debates in Europe
Second series of country reports on immigration, integration,
brain-drain and policy-making 
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/documents/3055.html


EUROCITIES/EP integration conference in Strasbourg 15 February 2006
MPG's intervention on key challenges of integration in urban areas will
open debate on cities' role in the integration of migrants and
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3188.html

Fortress Europe: Effects and Consequences of Labour Migration 16 - 17
February 2006
MPG will chair a session on "Opening up Europe to Labour Migration" at a
conference organised by the Heinrich Boll Foundation 
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3167.html

Mediation in Racism Cases 16 - 17 February 2006
MPG to speak at ECRI seminar on mediation and other forms of dispute
resolution in cases of racism and racial discrimination 
» more  http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3187.html


MPG: www.migpolgroup.com

The Forum - European Supplier Diversity Business Forum 

EMD - European Migration Dialogue 
EMD extranet (restricted): http://www.migpolgroup.com/dialogue/  
About EMD: http://www.migpolgroup.com/topics/2075.html

DPN - Diversity Policies Network
DPN extranet (restricted): http://www.migpolgroup.com/diversity/
About DPN: http://www.migpolgroup.com/topics/2073.html

Equinet - European Network of Equality Bodies
Equinet website (restricted): http://www.equineteurope.org
About Equinet: http://www.migpolgroup.com/topics/2078.html



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