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Obektiv, Issue 127, January 2006

Dear Everybody, 

The latest English-language edition of the magazine of the Bulgarian
Helsinki Committee Obektiv is now available online at
http://www.bghelsinki.org. The issue is a digest of articles published
in the Bulgarian edition in the period August – December 2005. 

Citizens Against Hatred Civil Coalition

The history of a photograph, Krassimir Kanev 

Els de Groen, MEP from the Netherlands: When you see the walls around
the ghettos, you understand that Bulgaria has not done much for its Roma

Is there “reverse racism” in Bulgaria?, Emil Cohen

The latest case of police brutality: the Chorata Case, Rositsa Stoykova 

OBEKTIV DISCUSSION CLUB: Does Roma crime exist in Bulgaria?

The myth of the tolerant Bulgarian, Antoine Makitou 

The problem of being a foreigner in a Bulgarian prison, Mila Boyanova 

“Citizens” vs. “Witnesses”, Antonia Yanakieva 

Jehovah’s Witnesses file complaint with Anti-Discrimination Commission,
Rositsa Stoykova

So a few hovels were knocked down, so what?, Emil Cohen 

Enslavers and the enslaved, Ivan Bedrov 

What’s the point of a pointless gesture?, Emil Cohen 

A new dose of “sedatives” for the media from the state, Silvia Velikova

The television we watch, Danail Danov

Memorandum of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, 17 October 2005

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee 
7 Varbitsa Street
IV floor, apt. 12-14
Sofia 1504  BULGARIA 
tel.: 3592 944 0670
fax: 3592 943 4405
website: www.bghelsinki.org

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