MINELRES: Bulgaria: Civil Sector Report on human rights and integration of minority and vulnerable groups

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Tue Dec 5 07:58:49 2006

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Dear sir or madam,

I have pleasure in attaching the Civil Sector Report on the Bulgarian
government measures drafted in response to the European Commission
monitoring report of 16 May 2006, in the sections referring to human
rights protection and the integration of vulnerable groups under the
Political Criteria chapter of the EC monitoring report.
This report was elaborated by the "Human Rights Family", a group of
leading non-governmental human rights organisations in Bulgaria, which
have been monitoring official policies, legislation and practices with
regard to human rights in Bulgaria for many years in the context of the
country's EU accession process. It includes the independent standpoints
and recommendations of non-governmental organisations involved with
regard to the Bulgarian government measures planned or implemented in
response to the findings/recommendations No. 12 and 14-33 in the EC
monitoring report mentioned above.  
This report, coordinated by the Inter Ethnic Initiative for Human Rights
Foundation, represents the latest in a series of advocacy initiatives of
the "Human Rights Family". With this report and the many recommendations
contained in it, our aim is to influence legislation, policies and
institutional practices in Bulgaria, bringing them into line with the
respective international standards for the protection of human rights,
minorities and vulnerable groups of the population. The report focuses
on the following areas: 

- Trafficking in human beings 
- Ill-treatment during custody and prison conditions
- Child protection 
- Disabled and Mental Health Care System 
- Protection and integration of minorities 

Yours sincerely,
Mark Bossanyi,
International Communications Coordinator, 
Inter Ethnic Initiative for Human Rights (IEI) Foundation, Bulgaria

>From MINELRES moderator: The report in .pdf format will be sent to all
ineterested MINELRES list members by request. 

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