MINELRES: New publication: ECMI/EAR, Minority Issues Mainstreaming (SE Europe)

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ECMI in cooperation with EAR is pleased to announce the publication of
the following manual.

European Agency for Reconstruction and European Centre for Minority
Issues (2006). Minority Issues Mainstreaming. A Practical Guide for
European Agency for Reconstruction Programmes. Thessaloniki and
Flensburg: European Agency for Reconstruction, 162 pp.
ISBN 13:  978-3-9810857-5-4
ISBN 10:  3-9810857-5-2

Download page:  http://www.ecmi.de/rubrik/72/external+publications/
In 2005, the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) and the European
Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) developed a training programme to
introduce, train, and assist EAR staff in the relevant inclusion of key
minority issues into EAR sectoral reconstruction and rehabilitation
programmes. This manual provides an overview of specific minority issues
in South East Europe. The manual begins with an overview of the legal
mechanisms for the protection of minority rights in South East Europe,
and examines some other development programmes in the region. This is
followed by country analyses for Serbia, Montenegro, UN-administered
Kosovo and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, highlighting EAR
priority areas. The book also includes a case study on the Roma Question
and the Accession of Hungary to the EU. The final section addresses
project work: developing Terms of Reference and minority issues in the
project cycle. A glossary of key terms in the field of minority issues
is also

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