MINELRES: Fwd: Profiles of Roma needed!

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Tue Aug 22 19:15:46 2006

Original sender: Roma Virtual Network <romale@zahav.net.il>

Dear all!
As an editor of IDEA`s Roma web page on http://idw.idebate.org/roma/
I`ll be grateful, if you would assist me with reliable information on
any Roma individual, who is well-integrated in a civil society and, at
the same time, did not loose his/her ethnic identity. Such profiles are
very much needed in order to break the negative stereotypes against Roma
people widespread in the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe.
The profile of a Romani individual can be composed in a such format:
Year of birth
Country of residence
Biography in brief
Photo (if available)
You can send me this info at romale@zahav.net.il
Baxt, sastipe!
Kind regards,
Valery Novoselsky.
Editor of Roma Virtual Network.

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