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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

3rd European Truck Tour kicks off

On 10 August the bright yellow EU stop-discrimination truck hit the road
again to set off on its third trip across Europe. The 30-ton vehicle is
designed to inform people of their rights under EU and national
anti-discrimination legislation and will help the European Union's drive
to combat discrimination and promote diversity in the workplace. 

To mark Finland's Presidency of the EU, this year's tour will start in
Helsinki and will travel through 13 Member States visiting 22 cities
across the EU. Over its four-month tour, the truck will cover 13,610
kilometres by the end of November. 

One of the highlights of this year's programme is an interactive Mobile
Ability Park aimed at sensitising the public to the barriers that people
with disabilities face in everyday life.

Further information and schedule of the tour:

Evaluation of the 2007 European Year – call for tender

As part of the preparations for the 2007 European Year of Equal
Opportunities for All, a new call for tender has been launched to
evaluate the activities of the Year. 

The aim will be to evaluate the relevance, implementation,
effectiveness, complementarity, sustainability, EU added value and
efficiency of the Year. It will take into account the activities
organised both at national and European level during 2007.

Further information:

Diversity in small and medium-sized enterprises – conference site
A dedicated website has been launched for the European conference
‘Diversity in small and medium-sized enterprises’ – to take place in
Limassol, Cyprus on 29-30 September 2006.

The conference will bring together around 130 representatives of
European SMEs and those working with the SME community, offering a
unique platform for exchanging experiences in diversity management and
implementing anti-discrimination policies in small and medium-sized

Conference website

August Spotlight: Raising awareness of discrimination
This month, the European Commission’s anti-discrimination website puts
the spotlight on raising awareness of discrimination – and the various
projects supported under the Community Action Programme to do just this.

Read the Spotlight here

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