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of events devoted to minorities, indigenous peoples and stateless nations

Issue 40-41 Volume IX July - October 2006 


3 - 8 July 2006
Mundos religiosos: Identidades y convergencias
Second Latin American congress on popular religion and ethnic/minority issues. 
Sao Bernardo do Campo (Brazil). Contact: 
13 - 15 July 2006
International Conference on Welsh Studies  
University of Wales, Swansea (Galles/UK). Contact: 

17 - 21 July 2006
Pueblos y culturas de las Americas - Dialogos entre globalidad y localidad
Fifty-second international congress od Americanists. University of Sevilla, 
Sevilla (Spain). Contact: www.52ica.com

28 - 30 July 2006
OSA: Two Decades of Service and Scholarship
Conference of the Oromo Studies Association (OSA). This year's theme is OSA: 
Two Decades of Service and Scholarship. Minneapolis (Minnesota/USA). Contact: 

31 July - 4 August 2006
XXIV Session of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations (UNWGIP)
This year's theme is Utilization of IPs' lands by non-indigenous authorities, 
groups or individuals for military purposes. Palais des Nations, Geneva 
(Switzerland). Contact: WGindigenous@ohchr.org

11 - 13 August 2006
XXII Annual Convention of the Native American Journalists Association
Theme: A Celebration of Native American Journalism. Tulsa (Oklahoma/USA). 
Contact: www.naja.org 

14 - 18 August 2006
VII Jornadas andinas de literatura latinoamericana 
Conference on Latin American literatures, including indigenous-related topics. 
Contact: www.javeriana.edu.co/pensar/eventos/jalla2006/inicio.htm 
22 - 27 August 2006
Culture, Nation and Identity
Sixth international congress of Hungarian studies, including minority issues. 
University of Debrecen, Debrecen (Hungary). Contact: www.hungkong.unideb.hu 
25 August - 1 September
IV Meeting of the Study Group "Music and Minorities"
Academic seminar on minorities' music. Hotel Horizont, Varna (Bulgaria). 
Contact:  Rosemary Statelova, ro_stat@mail.bg

7 - 9 September 2006
Ethnicity, Diversity and Multiculturalism
Ethnicity, diversity and multiculturalism are some of the defining ideas and 
conflict of our times, so the conference will encourage debate over the myriad 
meanings that different countries invest in these terms. Centre for the Study 
of Ethnicity and Culture, University of Birmingham, Birmingham (UK). Contact: 

7 - 9 September 2006
The Influence of European Organisations on National Minority Issues 
in Post-Communist Europe
Minority issues in Central/Eastern Europe. University of Essex, Colchester 
(UK). Contact: jakob.skovgaard@iue.it 

12 - 13 September 2006
Positive Ways: An Indigenous Say - Victims & Justice Issues in an Indigenous 
This conference is aimed at creating an awareness of the crime victim and 
justice issues for indigenous people across Australia and especially in the 
Northern Territory. Darwin (NT/Australia). Contact: vocalnt@bigpond.com.au 
14 - 16 September 2006
Survey Ladins: La situazione linguistica dei Ladini delle Dolomiti  
Conference on the Ladin language. Trento and Vigo di Fassa (Italy). Contact:  

21 - 23 September 2006
Resistance, Rebellion and Revolution in Central Europe: Commemorating 1956
1956 was a crucial year in Central Europe, mainly due to the Hungarian 
Revolution, that was crushed in blood by Soviet troops. Nothing to do with 
minority affairs, but a page of post-war Europe that deserves attention. School 
Of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 16 Taviton 
Street, London (UK). Contact: 

25 - 27 September 2006
European Unity and Division: Regions, Religions, Civilisations
Includes a wide range of European-related topics: regional autonomy, religious 
affairs, European enlargement, federal-ism, etc.  Monash University Prato 
Centre, Prato (Italy). Contact: www.arts.monash.edu.au/lcl/conferences/european-

28 - 30 September 2006
Globalization, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflicts in the Balkans and Its Regional 
Ethnic/minority issues in the Balkans. Belgrade (Serbia). Contact: 

6 - 7 October 2006
Decentralisation, Federalism and Conflict
Selected papers will be published in papers in a special issue of the European 
Journal of Development Research. Centre for Research on Inequality, Human 
Security and Ethnicity (CRISE), University of Oxford, Oxford (UK). Contact: 

7 October 2006
Linguapax Asia 2006 III International Symposium: Who Owns Language?
Conference on Asian and Oceanic languages. University of Tokyo (Japan). 
Contact: www.linguapax-asia.org 

7 - 8 October 2006
World Conference of Ethnotherapies: Concepts for the Future
Traditional medicine, healing practices, shamanism, etc. Ludwig-Maximilians-
Universitat, Munich (Germany). Con-tact: www.institut-ethnomed.de

9 - 12 October 2006
II Foro international de la hoja de coca: Las fronteras de la coca
A wide range of coca leaf-related issues, including law, culture and recent 
political developments. Buenos Aires (Argentina). Contact: 

19 - 21 October 2006
Making Aboriginal Policy: A Conference Ten Years After the Final Report of 
the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples  
The conference will examine the factors, processes, and institutions that 
determine how the state responds to the interests and rights of the Aboriginal 
peoples. A primary focus will be to examine the influence of public com-
missions. Saskatoon (Sas-katchewan/Canada). Contact: http://indigenousbar.ca/

19 - 21 October 2006
V Mercator International Symposium on Minority Languages: Linguistic Rights as 
a Matter of Social Inclusion 
Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain). Contact: secretaria@ciemen.org 

24 - 27 October 2006
Africa's Indigenous Science and Knowledge Systems
The focus areas include conceptual ethical issues related to science and 
indigenous knowledge systems; ethical issues issues surrounding Intellectual 
Property Rights, and related topics. Department of History, Nasarawa State 
University, Keffi (Nigeria). Contact: Adoyi Onoja, conferenceoctober@yahoo.com

25 - 27 October 2006
X Conference of the Foundation for Endangered Languages:
The effects of Multilingualism on Smaller Languages
Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore (India). Contact: Nicholas 
Ostler, nostler@chibcha.demon.co.uk 

25 - 28 October 2006
XXVIII International Symposium of Americanists 
A wide range of topics related to the indigenous cultures of the Americas, both 
ancient and modern. Oaxaca (Mexico). Second part of the event; the first one 
was held in Perugia (Italy) in May. Contact: www.amerindiano.org 


Through 13 August 2006
Pacific Encounters: Art & Divinity in Polynesia 1760 - 1860
Indigenous cultures of Polynesia. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University 
of East Anglia, Norwich (UK). Contact: www.uea.ac.uk/art/sru/polynesia 

Through 27 August 2006
Aboriginal Art: Opening Doors
Contemporary Aboriginal Australian art. Aboriginal Art Museum, Oudegracht 176, 
Utrecht (The Netherlands). Contact: www.aamu.nl 

Through 1 September 2006
Preserving the Catch 
Exhibition devoted to the development of fishing industry in Alaska. Alutiiq 
Museum, 215 Mission Road, Suite 101, Kodiak (Alaska/ USA). Contact: 

Through 3 September 2006
Schweizer Pioniere im Land der Sioux und Crow
Exhibition devoted to the Alfred Vogel's journeys in Native North America. 
Nordamerika Native Museum, Seefeldstrasse 317, Zurich (Switzerland). Contact: 

Through 29 October 2006
Indianer der Nordwestkuste - Wandel und Tradition
Indigenous cultures of the North-Western coast of the US. Westfalisches Museum 
fur Naturkunde, Sentruper Stra?e 285, Munster (Germany). Contact: ph. 0041-251-

Through 1 January 2007
Tribal Art from Australia and Oceania
Indigenous art from Oceania. Pranas Domsaitis Gallery, 33 Liepu St., Klaipeda 
(Lithuania). Contact: ph. 00370-46-219057. Contact: kpg@takas.lt  

Through 29 January 2007
Indoamerica. Archeologia ed etnografia del Sud America al Castello Sforzesco 
Precolumbian archeology. Castello Sforzesco, Via Castello 1, Milan (Italy). 
Contact: www.milanocastello.it/ita/mostre. html 

Through 1 January 2008
Remembering Our Indian School Days: The Boarding School Experience
Exhibition devoted to the boarding schools. Heard Museum, 2301 North Central 
Avenue, Phoenix (Arizona/USA). Contact: www. heard.org

>From 13 September through 28 January 2007
Cambodge 1975-1979 - Chroniques d'un genocide
Exhibition devoted to the Cambodian genocide. Musee international de la Croix-
Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge, Avenue de la Piax 17, Geneva (Switzerland). 
Contact: www.micr.org  


14 - 23 July 2006
XVIII Annual Great Northern Arts Festival: Living the Legacy of Our Elders
Inuit culture festival. Inuvik (Northwest Territories/Canada). Contact: 

28 July - 6 August 2006
Festival Interceltique 
Celtic music festival di musica celtica. This year it includes Australian 
Aboriginal musicians. Lorient (Brit-tany/France). Contact: www.festival-

4 - 8 August 2006
Garma Festival
Australian Aboriginal culture festival. Gulkula (Northern Territory/Australia). 
Contact: www.garma.telstra.com  
5 - 12 August 2006
National Eisteddfod of Wales 
The most important Welsh cultural festival. Felindre Park, Swansea (Wales/UK). 
Contact: www.eisteddfod.org.uk 

19 - 26 August 2006
XIX Festival de cinema de Douarnenez 
Festival devoted to minorities. This year focussing on the Balkans. Douarnenez 
(Brittany/France). Contact: www.kerys.com/festival 

12 - 15 October 2006
Heard Museum Film Festival
Native American film festival. Heard Museum, 2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix 
(Arizona/USA). Contact: www.heard.org/filmfest.html 

18 - 22 October 2006
ImagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival
Native American festival. Toronto (Ontario/Canada). Contact: 

20 - 23 October 2006
II Wairoa Maori Film Festival
The only Festival devoted to Maori film. Wairoa (Aoteroa/New Zealand). Contact: 

Throughout the world there are peoples resisting 
genocide, environmental destruction, linguistic oppression, nuclear 
colonialism, biopiracy  

Now in Italy too there is a journal  helping people know their struggles and 
understand their reasons

la causa dei popoli
problemi delle minoranze, dei popoli indigeni
e delle nazioni senza stato

La causa dei popoli is the only Italian publication dealing with indigenous and 
minority affairs. Available on the Internet only, being published twice a year, 
it features articles, interviews, book and film reviews, etc. It only publishes 
pieces by indigenous campaigners and renowned scholars, including Debra Harry, 
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Helena Nyberg, Renate Domnick, Riccardo Michelucci, 
Parshuram Tamang, Tim Giago, etc.

Already published

1  Brasile - Biopirateria - Televisioni indigene - Intervista a Roger Siffer
2  Autodeterminazione e decolonizzazione: La questione indigena nel Pacifico 
3  L'altra faccia dell'Asia
4  Le guerre indiane del XXI secolo out now!


5 Autonomie artiche


Documentation Centre on Threatened Peoples  
PO Box 6282 I-50127 Florence (Italy)

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