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UNITED E-NEWS 21/4/06: All(B)Right* - training course on A 

The EU Youth Programme NA in Slovakia looks for nominations for the
training described below.

UNITED sends you this mail on the request of the organisers - there are
open places still!

Activity: Training Course for youth workers to address discrimination
through Human Rights Education
Dates: 23-30 May
Place: Rajecke Teplice Slovakia
Language: English
Profile participants:  actively involved in practical activities for and
with young people in the field of Human Rights Education and/or
anti-discrimination; from youth programme countries
Organiser: Youth Programme NA in Slovakia
Deadline: 28 April

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All(B)right* Training Course
A learning opportunity for youth workers to
address discrimination through Human Rights Education
23-30 May 2006, Rajecke Teplice/Slovakia


The All(B)right* concept offers a range of learning opportunities for
youth workers to address discrimination in European Youth Work.
All(B)right* consists of three complementary phases:
Phase 1
A 6 day international training course in May 2006 in Slovakia, aiming at
the development of competencies to address discrimination in youth work.
Participants will gain knowledge of Human Rights Education with special
focus on origins, consequences and spread of discrimination. Further
information on this training course you can find below.
Phase 2
Support to develop projects as an outcome of the training course,
addressing anti-discrimination within the YOUTH Programme of the
European Commission in 2006. Participants will be asked to develop
projects (Action 1, 2, 3 or 5 of the YOUTH Programme) in which they use
tools of Human Rights education to address discrimination. National
Agencies of all participants involved will be strongly stimulated to
support these projects.
Phase 3
An evaluation seminar at the end of 2006, aiming at the evaluation of
participants projects, the development of relevant competencies and the
examination of opportunities for further co-operation. Date and place of
this seminar are not known at this stage.

To develop youth workers' competencies in addressing discrimination
through Human Rights Education in the YOUTH Programme.
- To raise awareness about discrimination;
- To exchange knowledge and experience of participants in the different
fields of discrimination;
- To provide participants with tools, methods and other resources to
promote equality and eliminate discrimination;
- To increase knowledge of participants about Human Rights Education;
- To familiarize participants with the use of Compass v a manual on
Human Rights Education for young people developed by the Council of
Europe -  as a tool for addressing discrimination and promoting
- To inform participants about the possibilities the YOUTH Programme
- To provide participants with opportunities to create their own
projects within the YOUTH Programme.
Group work, discussion, workshops, exercises, exchange of experiences,
excursions, simulation games.


25 participants of YOUTH Programme Countries
(Austria/Belgium/Cyprus/Czech Republic/Denmark/Estonia/Finland/France
Malta/Netherlands/Poland/Portugal/Slovak Republic/Slovenia/Spain/
Sweden/United Kingdom/Iceland/Liechtenstein/

- actively involved in activities for and with young people;
- (interested in) working in the field of Human Rights Education and/or
- able to communicate in English;
- Involved in the practical work with their target groups (e.g. youth
workers who guide and accompany young people);
- willing to develop a project within the YOUTH Programme as an outcome
of the training course;
- intending to participate throughout the full duration of the training
- have full support from their organization to participate in all three
phases of All(B)right*.
Dirk Adams (Germany), Martin Krajcik (Slovakia) and Kees Hoogendoorn
(The Netherlands).
23-30 May 2006, Rajecke Teplice/Slovakia

Programme costs and costs for board and lodging will be paid by  the
National Agencies of Austria and Slovakia of the YOUTH Programme.
Travel costs of participants are to be paid by their sending National
Agencies or the respective regional SALTO-Center (SouthEastEurope,
EuroMed, Caucasus&EasternEurope).
Candidates from Programme countries should fill out the application form
and send it to the National Agency of the YOUTH Programme in their own
country, by  28th of April 2006 at the latest.

Application form

All(B)right* training courseĻ

23 - 30 May 2006 Rajecke Teplice/Slovakia

Please complete this form in English

Name of the supporting organisation

Work address
Tel. work/fax
Private address
Date of birth
Sex (f/m)
Tel. private/email
Special needs (dietary requirements, wheelchair access etc.):
Please give details on the profile and target group of your
What would you like or do you need to learn in this training course?
Please give details on your field of activity in your organisation:
Are you involved in a professional or voluntary capacity and since when?
Your international experience so far (for example as organiser and/or
team member in international youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service
projects, international seminars):
Which training activities for international youth work have you taken
part in so far?
Have you ever had contact with the YOUTH-programme? If yes, what was it
about (advice, application, training)? Do you have any experience with
other EU-programmes (SOCRATES, LEONARDO)?
Language abilities:


Your motivation to take part in this activity?
Follow up and implementation: in what ways do you expect to be active in
anti-discriminatory work with young people? (Please provide some details
about expected or planned projects/activities, organisers and target
Any other comments?

There is no fee to be paid by the participants but the transport costs
which will be covered by the National Agencies of your home country. I
agree that my personal data given in this application form may be made
available to other participants.
Please note, that this is not a registration but an application. Please
answer the above questions as thouroughly as possible, as the selection
of participants is based on this information. We will inform you after
the deadline if you have been selected for participation.
Please return this form until 28 April 2006 to the National Agency of
your country.
(see http://europa.eu.int/comm/youth/program/natage_en.html#natagen)

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