MINELRES: Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Annual Report for 2005

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Thu Apr 20 19:38:13 2006

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5 April, 2006, Sofia - The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has published
its Annual Report on the Human Rights Situation in Bulgaria during 2005.
The report contains information in 12 chapters on the developments in
the human rights sphere in the country regarding right to life, torture,
inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, fair trial, freedom of
religion, hate speech, conditions in closed institutions, minority
protection, protection of people with mental disorders in institutions,
migrant rights, and women's rights. 

The report is available in English on the BHC website,

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee 
7 Varbitsa Street
1504 Sofia Bulgaria

tel./fax 3592  944 0670 
tel./fax 3592 943 4876 
web www.bghelsinki.org 

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