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Geographical position. Main settlements

The Romanian ethnic element is concentrated compact in four regions 
determined by different historical conditions:

- Chernovsky region comprises north Bukovina, Herta and north Basarabia. 
The main places where Romanians represent the majority of the population 
are: Chernovsky, Hruseuti, Molodia, Voloca, Tereblecea, Boian, Herta,
Noua Sulita.

- Odesa region comprises south Basarabia. The main places with a
majority Romanian population are: Reni, Anadol, Ismail, Cetatea Alba.

- Transcarpatia region comprises the old Maramures (Slatina, Biserica
Alba, Apsa de Sus)
- the region situated above Nistru River comprises the localities: 
Nicolaev, Kirovograd, Donetk, Crimea, Lugansc, Herson, Dniepropetrovsc.

Demographical data

The former Soviet regime still uses, unfortunately, the artificial 
division created before 1990, that accredited the idea that in Ukraine 
exist two different nations: the Romanian and the Moldavians. Nowadays, 
the official statistics shows that in Ukraine exist 324.500 Moldavians
and 134.800 Romanians. Adding this two officials data, results that the
Romanian community represents the third minority group from Ukraine,
after Ukrainians and Russians. On the other hand, the Romanian cultural
organizations from Ukraine are estimating up to 800.000 the number of
the Romanian community.

Religious freedom

The Romanian Orthodox churches are subordinated to the self-proclaimed 
Metropolitan Ukrainian Church that is affiliated to the Russian Orthodox 
Patriarchy. Lately, these two patriarchies - Russian and Ukrainian - are 
claiming the authority on the Romanian parishes, this situation
increasing the pressures exercised on the parishes in the towns where
the majority of the Romanians are under the jurisdiction of the
Metropolitan Ukrainian Church affiliated to the Russian Patriarchy.

In many cases, the Romanian priests are persecuted. More, we mention the
request of the Romanian ethnics to set up again the Romanian Orthodox
Metropolitan Church in Chernovsky or at least two Romanian Orthodox


The education system for Romanian ethnics includes, in Chernovsky
region, 86 independent units where the courses are taught in their
mother tongue. Also, there are 8 Ukrainian-Romanian departments (mixed
units) where are organized classes in Romanian language. In Odesa region
exist 18 units and in Transcarpatia region are 10 units.

Higher education system includes two Romanian and Classical Philology 
Departments - one at the University of Chernovsky and another at the 
University of Ujgorod. Pedagogical Institute from Ismail includes a 
department designated for the Romanian language speakers. The main 
problems of these units are: the lack of textbooks, the decreasing
number of the courses with Romanian learning language and the terrible
pressures exercised on Romanian teachers in order to compel them to
accept the Moldavian language to Romanian languages detriment.

Mass media

The Romanians newspapers are getting through a very difficult period of 
time, because of the financial difficulties and the authoritys pressure
on the editors; this situation is reflecting the reality of the
community. In Chernovsky, there are some newspapers that appear
sporadically because of the lack of Ukrainian financial help: Arcasul
(The Archer), Plai romanesc (the Romanian Lawn), Septentrion literar
(Literary septentrion). Though, there are some periodicals founded and
financed by the Ukrainian administration: Concordia (The Concordia),
Zorile Bucovinei (Bukovinas dawn), Gazeta de Herta (Herta Newspaper). In
Chernovsky was founded the Alexadru cel Bun publishing house.

The current schedule of Public Television stations T1 & T2 dont feature 
any time reserved for Romanian minority. Starting with December 2002,
the National Company of Radio and Television territorial studios from
Chernovsky and Ujgorod, decided to reduce the length of the
Romanian-language shows. After this decision remained only a weekly
one-hour broadcast.

Public administration

Ukraine doesnt ensure to the right of citizen belonging to the Romanian 
ethnic minority to preserve and freely develop their ethnic identity so 
they can manifest fully in the field of public life. In many settlements 
with majority Romanian population, the authorities of the local public 
administration doesn't ensure the inscription of the names of localities 
and public institutions under their authority, as well as the 
announcements of public interest also in the mother tongue of the
citizens belonging to the Romanian ethnic minority.

Romanian organizations

Name of the organization Address Phone/ Fax Contact person /Email

The independent centre for actual research on Bukovina Hliboca 00380 
00380 505053577 Aurica Bojescu, presedinte
Ion Popescu, consilier

Pedagogical Association Aron Pumnul Chernovsky
00380 372225059 Aurel Constantinovici

Christian Democrat Alliance of Romanians from Ukraine Chernovsky Odesa 
00380 372512551
00380 484149653 Constantin Olaru
Petru Schiopu

Mihai Eminescu Association for Romanian culture in Bukovina Chernovsky 
00380 372224285

George Cosbuc Cultural association
Slatina 00380 313456558 Gheorghe Opris

Ioan Mihaly de Apsa, Cultural association  Slatina 00380 313456355 Mihai 
Vasile Ona

Valul lui Traian Association  Odesa,
Tatarbunar  00380

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