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Estonian politician Tiit Madisson rejects holocaust

The translation from the article published in the Estonian weekly Eesti

Tiit Madisson, a person who became famous in Estonia during the Soviet
time as the person fighting for the independence of the state, until
Novemebr 2005 head of the local administration of Lihula, has published
a book “Holocaust – the most terrible Zionistic lie of the XX century”.

Madisson claim exactly what is brought in the title of the book. He
states that the tragedy in the history known as Holocaust is an absolute
lie, figment of the Zionists. The book itself is a compilation of the
works of famous negationists of Holocaust (David Irving, Jurgen Graf and
Ernst Zundel).

In the epilogue of the book the author shares his view that the “Zionist
lie” can influence the fate of our country and people. He declaims in a
very soviet style: “Is this what our fathers and grandfathers have been
fighting for at Sinimae and suffering for in GULAG? When gathering in
Hirve Park and at Song Festival Ground, have we really been fighting for
“zuroffs” and “voses” dictating us how to live in our country and how to
believe? How long are we going to send our Estonian men on the regularly
scheduled by Zionists military actions and bring so called democratic
values – this time by killing people living in Iran or Syria and being
faithful to their states and faith?”

Rejecting Holocaust is a punishable offence in 10 European countries.
Mr. Madisson therefore has a possibility to get into prison as detained
for the conscience in the following countries: Germany, France, Austria,
Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and

(remark by the translator: Sinimae, Hirve Park and Song Festival Ground
are places important for the fight for independence of Estonia, places
very dear and important for the Estonians)


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