MINELRES: New book: Reconceptualizing minority education in post-Soviet Latvia

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Sat Apr 15 15:53:43 2006

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Dear friends and colleagues,
I wanted to let you know that my book on Latvian minority education
reform & the politics of educational borrowing has been just published -
"From sites of occupation to symbols of multiculturalism:
Reconceptualizing minority education in post-Soviet Latvia" (Information
Age Publishing, 2006). 
The book investigates a puzzle: how is it that one and the same system,
the system of separate schooling for Latvian and Russian speakers, is
seen as a site of occupation during one period (1987-1990) and as a
symbol of multiculturalism in the next (1991-1999)? The system has stayed
in place, but the meaning attached to it has been completely inverted.
Is cultural change without structural change possible? Does it mean that
the dual school system has become anachronistic, and will eventually
disappear in light of the cultural changes of the past decade? The book
is the story of a great metamorphosis of one and the same system of
separate schooling that, at first unbelievable, gradually makes sense.

List of Acronyms. 
List of Tables. 
List of Figures. 
Foreword, Gita Steiner-Khamsi. 
Introduction: Between The (Soviet) Past and The (Western) Future:
Education Reform During Political Transformation. 
*Chapter 1:* Legacies of the Past: The Historical Context of Minority
Education Reform. 
*Chapter 2:* Re-Creating European “Space” in Latvian Education. 
*Chapter 3:* The New Meanings of Minority Education During the
Transition Period: Global Pressures, Local Politics, and Conceptual
*Chapter 4:* Institutionalizing Integration in Education Policy and
Practice: Rebellion Under the Radar. 
*Chapter 5:* Education Reform at a Crossroads: Broken Promises, Lost 
Conclusion: Reconciling International Pressures with Domestic Politics:
The “National Problem” Re-Conceptualized

Silova holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Education and History/Political
Science (Columbia University, 2002). 

For table of contents and ordering information, follow this link: 



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