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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Newsletter of the Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy
No. 40, March 2006


1. Introduction
2. Reconciliation and Multiculturalism Workshop
3. Upcoming Conferences
4. Recent Publications
5. Call for Papers
6. Internet Resources
7. Related Research Projects


The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is
organizing a multi-year, research project on citizenship, democracy and
minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will
Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a quarterly
newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is
the fortieth issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone
working in the field, whether in academia, public service, or
non-governmental organizations.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this newsletter,
please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca. Back-issues of the newsletter
are posted on the Web on Will Kymlicka's home-page:


The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is
organizing a workshop on "The Politics of Reconciliation in
Multicultural Societies" at Queen's on April 29-30, 2006. The workshop
is part of a project to explore the areas of convergence and
disagreement between recent theories of the politics of reconciliation
in divided societies, and recent theories of multicultural citizenship
in culturally diverse societies. Under what conditions does the politics
of reparations/reconciliation support the politics of multicultural
recognition, and under what conditions do these different forms of
politics conflict? Participants include Ruth Rubio-Marin, Paul Muldoon,
Nadim Rouhana, Eric Yamamoto, Lawrie Balfour, Jonathan VanAntwerpen,
Ayelet Shachar, and Sonali Thakkar. For further information, contact the
co-organizers, Will Kymlicka (kymlicka@post.queensu.ca) or Bashir Bashir


A workshop on "Visions and Limits of Pluralism" will be held from April
6-7, 2006, at Washington University, in St. Louis, Missouri. The
workshop will consider the ways in which theory, empirical
configurations, and policies shape each other in several countries.
Separate panels will explore i) visions and limits of pluralism in
Europe, the United States, and Canada, ii) issues arising in schooling
and education, and iii) political representation of groups. For details,
contact: John Bowen (email:
jbowen@wustl.edu) or visit the following website:


A symposium entitled "Opportunity Structures in Diaspora Relations:
Comparisons in Contemporary Multi-level Politics of Diaspora and
Transnational Identity" will take place from April 27-29, 2006, at the
University of Nevada-Reno. At this event, experts in diaspora politics
will investigate the characteristics of contemporary ethno-national
diasporas, the extent of their relationships and political agency with
homeland and host-society governments, and communal strategies used by
diasporas. Speakers will include Thomas Abraham, Kim Butler, Nergis
Canefe, Robin Cohen, William A. Douglass, Razmik Panossian, William
Safran, Gabriel Sheffer, Ninna Nybery S‹renson, Kachig T∆l∆lyan, and
Gloria Totoricag›ena. For more information, contact: Pedro J. Oiarzabal,
Center for Basque Studies/322, University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89557,
USA; tel:
1-775-784-4854; fax: 1-775-784-1355; email: pjo@unr.edu

A conference on "The FCNM: A Useful Pan-European Instrument?" will take
place in Brussels on May 5, 2006. The conference will be jointly hosted
by the Institutes for Human Rights and Constitutional Law of the
Catholic University of Leuven and the Academy of European Law of
Florence. This
event will evaluate the Framework Convention for the Protection of
National Minorities (FCNM). Rapporteurs and discussants closely involved
with the monitoring of minority protection in Europe will be in
attendance, along with academics, practitioners, policy makers, and NGOs
working on minority rights. For further information, contact: Annelies
Verstichel, Assistant Legal Officer, OSCE High Commissioner on National
Prinsessegracht 22, 2514 AP, The Hague, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 (0)70
312 55 63; fax: +31 (0)70 363 59 10; email: Annelies.Verstichel@hcnm.org 
A conference program can be downloaded from the following website:

A conference on "Language, Diversity and Integration in the Enlarged EU:
Challenges and Opportunities" will be held at the Vytautas Magnus
University in Kaunas, Lithuania, from May 12-14, 2006. The event will
explore the relationships between language, diversity and integration
following EU enlargement, and investigate the significance of language
in the expression of ethnicity, nationhood and citizenship. For further
information, visit the following website:

"(Trans)nationalism in the Mediterranean" is the title of an upcoming
Oxford Symposium from May 26-28, 2006 at St. Antony's College,
University of Oxford. The event will be hosted by the South East
European Studies at Oxford University (SEESOX) and the RAMSES 2 Network
of Excellence on the Mediterranean. The Symposium will attempt to
challenge the hierarchical and Euro-centric mental maps and analyses by
exploring social networks and actors transcending or operating across
national borders with multiple political, cultural or economic
dimensions. Additional information is available via the SEESOX website:
Further inquiries should be sent to: 
othon.anastasakis@sant.ox.ac.uk or seesox@sant.ox.ac.uk

The IMISCOE network and the Nationalism Studies Program and Humanities
Center of Central European University, Budapest, will organize a
conference called "European Dynamics of Citizenship: Public Policies and
Migrant Activities" at the Central European University from May 31-June
2, 2006. The event will debate current dynamics of citizenship in the
context of immigration and emigration, relations between kin states and
external minorities, and the impact of European integration. Public
migrant mobilization and pro- and anti-immigrant political movements in
European societies will be investigated. For details, contact:

The Conflict Resolution Network will host a conference called
Cultivating Peace: Interaction 2006 from June 7-10, 2006, in Winnipeg,
Manitoba. The event's theme is "Dialogue, Dispute Resolution and
Democracy". Registration can be done through the conference website,
where extensive conference information can also be found:

The Borderland Foundation is organizing a "New Agora Symposium" in
Sarajevo on 9-12 June, 2006 to discuss "the future of multicultural
society in Europe in the context of the phenomenon of declining agora -
a space for exchange and dialogue of cultures - which can be experienced
across today's multicultural Europe". The event will include public
sessions, academic seminars and literary events. For more information,
visit the Foundation's website: 

The Israel Association for Canadian Studies will host the 11th Biennial
Jerusalem Conference in Canadian Studies on the theme "Conflict
Management and Resolution" from July 2-6, 2006. The theme will be
discussed primarily along three major dimensions: conflict management
and resolution within Canadian and Israeli society; conflict and
conflict resolution in art and literature; and the rule of law in a
parliamentary democracy. A call for papers is posted on the
Association's website:
For further information, contact: Liron Gur or Alta Dayan (Conference
Coordinators), Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies, Hebrew University of
Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, 91905 Israel; fax: 972-2-582-6267;
tel: 972-2-588-1344; email: mscanada@mscc.huji.ac.il

The International Forum Bosnia is organizing an international conference
on "Unity and Plurality in Europe: Religion and Public Life" in Mostar,
Bosnia on August 9-10, 2006. This is part of a broader program of
activities, including an international summer school from July 30 to
August 19. For details on the conference and summer school, visit the
Forum website at:
or contact them by email (if_bosna@bih.net.ba)

A conference called "Citizenship, Security and Democracy" will take
place in Istanbul, Turkey from September 1-3, 2006. Hosted by the
Association of Muslim Social Scientists (UK) and the Foundation for
Political, Economic and Social Research (Turkey), in cooperation with
the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (USA), and the Association
of Muslim Social Scientists (France) and Patron: The International
Institute of Islamic Thought, this event will be an international
gathering of Muslim social scientists who are frequently asked to
provide objective and dispassionate assessments of issues related to the
Muslim faith, culture and philosophy, but who are also called upon to
represent a community frequently represented in monolithic terms. In
light of these expectations, this event will reflect the diversity of
Muslim experience across regional, national, ethnic, theological and
social divides. For more information, contact conference organizers at
the following email address: setavtr@gmail.com

Fordham Law School will host a conference on "Citizenship" from
September 29-30, 2006, in New York City. The conference will explore
historical and contemporary ideas of citizenship, new forms of political
participation among non-citizens, dual nationality, trans-nationality,
post 9/11 security issues, and comparative perspectives on citizenship
from other parts of the World. Papers will be published in the Fordham
Law Review.

The 11th International Metropolis Conference will take place from
October 2-6, 2006, in Lisbon Portugal. This year's theme is "Paths and
Crossroads: Moving People, Changing Places". Plenary sessions will
include: sharing responsibility in the management of migration and
development, contemporary immigration management, migration struggles in
the Western Mediterranean region, and "what should we expect in 25
years?" For further information, visit the following website: 

The Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity
(CRISE) is organizing a two-day workshop on "Decentralisation,
Federalism and Conflict" at the University of Oxford on October 6-7,
2006. The workshop aims to explore the conditions under which different
types of decentralisation and federalization encourage or ameliorate
violent conflict, and the inequalities that can generate those
conflicts. The keynote speaker will be Donald Horowitz. Paper proposals
should be send to the organisers by 14 May. For more information check
the CRISE website (www.crise.ok.ac.uk) or confact Dr. Graham Brown


The 2007 Association of Legal & Social Philosophy (ALSP) conference will
take place at Keele University, Staffordshire, UK, from April 19-21,
2007. The theme will be "Sovereignty and Citizenship". Contributors will
address such topics as; sovereignty and immigration, the idea of
universal jurisdiction, democracy and sovereign peoples, policing
borders and outlaw states, virtuous citizens and sovereigns, feminist,
multicultural and transnational citizens, citizenship, asylum, refuge,
multi-level governance and the (putative) demise of the nation-state.
For further details, contact:
Glen Newey, Politics & International Relations, Keele University,
Staffordshire, ST5 5BG United Kingdom; email: glen@newey99.fsnet.co.uk

4. RECENT PUBLICATIONS (all prices in U.S. dollars).


Ahmed, Ishtiaq (2005) The Politics of Group Rights: The State and
Multiculturalism (University Press of Amerca) $32.00

Akaha, T & A Vassilieva (eds) (2006) Crossing National Borders (United
Nations University Press) $22.05

Alexander, C. & C. Knowles (eds) (2005) Making Race Matter: Bodies,
Space and Identity (Palgrave) $29.95

Alia, Valerie & Simone Bull (2006) Media and Ethnic Minorities
(Edinburgh UP) $22.00

Arya, Sadhna & Anupama Roy (eds) (2006) Poverty, Gender and Migration
(Sage) $26.95


Bayert, Jean-Fran√ois (2005) The Illusion of Cultural Identity (Hurst) 
$29.00 Behdad, A. (2005) A Forgetful Nation: On Immigration and Cultural
Identity in the United States (Duke UP) $21.95

Bianchini, Stefano (2006) Partitions: Reshaping States and Minds
(Routledge) $115.00

Boswell, Christina (2005) The Ethics of Refugee Policy (Ashgate) $99.95

Buenker, John & Lorman Rutner (eds) (2005) Multiculturalism in the
United States: A Comparative Guide to Acculturalism and Ethnicity
(Greenwood) $75.00

Burgess, Michael (2006) Comparative Federalism (Routledge) $34.95

Calavita, K. (2005) Immigrants at the Margins: Law, Race, and Exclusion
in Southern Europe (Cambridge UP) $39.99

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Integration in a Changing World (I. B. Tauris) $79.50

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in an Enlarged Europe (Ashgate) $94.95

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Ideology of Nationality, Immigration and European Identity (Ashgate)

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United States and Europe (Lexington) $81.41

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Ideologies, Policies and Practices: Language and the Future of Europe
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Society is Diverse? Exploring Multidimensional Identities (Edwin Mellen
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Minority Languages - A critical Commentary (Council of Europe) $29.00

Zimmermann, K.F. (ed) (2005) European Migration: What Do We Know?
(Oxford UP) $120.00

Journal Special Issues

The Journal of International Migration and Integration (JIMI) dedicated
a recent issue to "Religion and Migration" (Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring 2006).
The issue is guest edited by Paul Bramadat and John Biles, and its
purpose is to stimulate an awareness of the relevance of religion in
current debates about migration and diversity.


A recent issue of Theory and Research in Education (Vol. 4/1, 2006) has
a symposium on the work of Susan Moller Okin, and the relevance of her
work on feminism, citizenship and multiculturalism for education.
Articles are by Rob Reich, Nel Noddings, Sarah Song, Penny Enslin and
Mary Tjiattas.


Essays in Philosophy recently published an issue dedicated to
"Liberalism, Feminism, and Multiculturalism" (Vol. 7, No. 1, January
2006). Randy Cagle is the special issue editor. Articles by Karen Green,
Michael Weinman, Andrew Fagen and Catherine McKeen are contained in this
issue. Contents are posted at: http://www.humboldt.edu/~essays/

Two symposia are included in the most recent issue of International
Migration (Vol. 44, No. 1, 2006). The first is dedicated to the Global
Commission on International Migration (GCIM) Report, and it contains
articles by Philip Martin and Susan Martin, Stefanie Grant, and Heavan
Crawley. The second is on Transnational Migrant Activism, with
contributions by Julia Hess, Elizabeth Cooling Babcock and Mulki

The Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development recently
published a special issue called "Sociolinguistic Research - Who Wins?
Research on, with or for Speakers of Minority Languages" (Vol. 27, No.
1, 2006). The issue contains an introduction by the issue's editors
Christine Raschka, Mark Garner, Peter Sercombe, plus articles by John
Edwards, Adrian Blackledge, Holly R. Cashman, Christine Raschka and
Antonio Flores Farfan.

A special issue of the Revue Europeenne Des Migrations Internationales
contains several articles on nationality and ethnic categorization (Vol.
22, No. 1, 2006). http://remi.revues.org/ Articles by Marco Martinello
and Patrick Simon, Dirk Jacobs and Andrea Rae and Ann Morning are

A special issue of the Norwegian Journal of Migration Research is
dedicated to the theme "Minorities, Minority Politics, and the European
Union" (Vol.5, No.2, December 2005). Editors for this special issue are
Hakan G. Sicakkan and Nora Ahlberg.

The journal Dialectical Anthropology recently published a special issue
on "Trading Cultures: Migrations and Multiculturalism in Contemporary
Europe" (Vol. 29, Nos. 3-4, September 2005). Guest edited by Gerald
Pirog and Caterina Romeo, this issue features a series of articles from
a December, 2004 conference on migrations and minorities hosted by the
Center for Comparative European Studies at Rutgers University.



Politics and Ethics Review (PER) seeks original manuscripts that provide
theoretical, conceptual, or empirically informed analyses of normative
issues in politics, international relations, and political economy. PER
is committed to examining key issues arising from the intersection of
politics and ethics, broadly conceived, from a variety of methodologies
and approaches. The editors welcome submission of articles, review
essays and book reviews. For information about submission of manuscripts
or to make informal enquiries, please contact Patrick Hayden, Editor, by
email at:
patrick.hayden@vuw.ac.nz Some further information is available on the
following website:


A "webzine" called Tolerance.ca recently announced a new series of news
reports entitled "Campus" on diversity in values and religious beliefs
on university and college campuses. The first article in this series is
an article interviewing Jewish and Muslim students on Montreal campuses
regarding religious tensions. 

A new web resource called "Focus on Educating Citizens" created by the
Canadian Education Association is meant to encourage educators and the
wider community to explore questions and issues involved in educating
citizens and to assist young people to acquire the knowledge, skills,
aptitudes and attitudes of active citizens. The resource is divided into
sections on; citizenship and education, challenges & strategies,
research resources, and "stories of citizenship". The latter section on
stories of citizenship adopts an innovative strategy by collecting and
presenting the distinctive histories of Canadians of different age
groups and distinctive ethno-cultural backgrounds.


Applications for the academic year 06-7 are being accepted for a Master
of Laws Program in Intercultural Human Rights and J.S.D. (Doctor of the
Science of Laws) in Intercultural Human Rights offered by St. Thomas
University School of Law, Miami, Florida, U.S.A. Both programs are
available to LL.M. graduates. The program gives up-to-date legal
training in theory, policy, and practical developments in the arena of
human rights through one-week compact courses designed to combine areas
of international law, international human rights law, humanitarian law,
universal and regional systems of human rights protection, as well as
complaint procedures. Intensive courses and supplementary offerings
allow graduates to prepare for effective research, advocacy and practice
in this important and expanding field. Partial scholarships are
available. For more information visit the following website: 
http://www.stu.edu/humanrights or contact: 
Roza Pati, Executive Director, Graduate Program in Intercultural Human
Rights, St. Thomas University School of Law, 16400 NW 32 Ave, Miami, FL
33054, U.S.A.; tel:(1)305 474 2447; fax:(1)305 474 2413; email:

The European Academy of Bolzano will host a two week residential course
on minorities and diversity from June 12-23, 2006, in Bolzano (South
Tyrol, Italy). The course will deal with the complexities of cultural
and minority protection in Europe mainly through discussion of the
protection mechanisms of the United Nations, the OSCE and the Council of
Europe. Leading experts from these organizations will attend. Special
attention will be given to the concept of cultural diversity under EC
law now gaining significance outside the context of minority protection.
The deadline for applications is: April 30, 2006. Extensive information
about the course and application forms are posted on the following

A Conflict Management Program taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from
June 24-August 4, 2006, will offer students an opportunity to examine
past conflicts in the Balkans firsthand. Special emphasis will be placed
on the role of foreign intervention, the contribution of political and
economic transformation to both conflict and peace, and the power of
conflict prevention and resolution. Students in international relations,
political science, Slavic studies, and other disciplines are welcome to
apply. For more details, go to:



If you would like to announce a new research project, publication, call
for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of this newsletter,
please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca, or you can write to the Forum
for Philosophy and Public Policy, Department of Philosophy, Queen's
University, Watson Hall 313, Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6, Canada. Fax:

Special thanks to Michael Kocsis for research help, and to Lise
Charlebois for help with the distribution of the

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