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European Roma Information Office Newsletter  October 2005 
EU Portal - European Commission 

1. An editorial  What is wrong ? 

An article focused on the latest initiatives of the European Commission

2. Great words  lousy budget 

The very good initiative of the Commission (The Year of Equal
Opportunities) has practically the same budget as the 2003 Year of
Disability (inflation considered) but deals with 6 more grounds of
discrimination in 10 more countries. The average amount given by the
Commission to its member states for each of the discrimination grounds
is very far from expectations- around 36.000 Euros per year. 

3. Cohesion, Growth, Jobs and no Roma 

European Roma Information Office  Position Paper regarding the
Commission Communication COM(2005) 0299 

OSCE  Human Dimension Meeting 

ERIO had two presentations during the Human Dimension Meeting in Warsaw: 

Freedom of media  not the case for the European Roma (21st of

Torture  the case of Roma (22nd of September) 

Conference in Hamburg on anti-Gypsyism (8-9th of October) 

ERIO took part and had a presentation on the anti-Gypsyism in mass media
during the conference organized by the European Center on Antiziganism
Research in Hamburg. More details at www.ezaf.org 

Conference - Social Platform 

ERIO was invited to present a paper for the 7th Seminar of the
Conference of the Social Platform in Brussels (11-12th of October) 
Roma health  who knows and who cares?  

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