MINELRES: Violations of Armenian minority rights in Georgia

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Tue Oct 25 16:01:03 2005

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On 19 October 2005 the Unity of Georgian Armenians "Nor Serund" and
residents of the village Kudro of Marneuli district compactly settled by
ethnic Armenians organized combined press-conference dedicated to
assignation to a citizen of Georgia Mr. David Tsintsadzde of the land
bordered upon the village Kudro. As was stated on the press-conference
the land passed to Mr.Tsintsadze was the only one around the village
worked by its inhabitants, and correspondingly represents a value for
the local population. Organizers of the press-conference also stated
that the tender on this land was conducted with rough violations and
residents of the village Kudro have not been informed about it. It is
necessary to mention that inhabitants of the village regularly paid land
taxes before announcement of the tender. Organizers of the
press-conference assessed given fact as usage of the law in criminal
purpose, as well as a discrimination under ethnic principle. Moreover
the new land owner during the first meeting with inhabitants of the
village warned them not to take any actions and not to forget that he
was Georgian as distinct from them.

Official letter concerning this case were sent to the Parliamentary
Committee on agrarian issues on the name of George Kheviashvili, to the
Parliamentary Committee on human rights and civic integration on the
name of Elena Tevdoradze, also to the chairman of Administration of
Marneuli district Amiran Shutberidze without any answer from his side.
Representatives of the Unity "Nor Serund" came forward with appeal
towards the local government of the district with the request to pay
intent attention to this issue and restore justice. It was also
announced that if there will be no reaction in the nearest future, than
appeal will be sent to President of Georgia Mr.Mikheil Saakashvili with
request on resignation of the head of Administration of Marneuli
disctrict Mr. Amiran Shutberidze.

Press-centre on the Unity of Georgian Armenians "Nor

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