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Dear New Tactics Friends,

I am writing to share an opportunity with you about possible
internships, especially for organizations looking to gain from the
experiences of others.  Each year, the International Human Rights
Internship Program (IHRIP) provides funding to support human rights
internships worldwide.  See below for a bit more info and the web site

The IHRIP Professional Development and Exchange Project funds for three
types of professional development projects for staff of human rights

- professional attachments, 
- on-site training, and 
- study tours.  

These projects focus on learning about human rights substantively
through strategy and skill development.  The projects range in length of
time from 1 week to 4 months, depending on the project and needs of the

Professional Attachments are the most common grant awarded by IHRIP. 
These projects run from 1-4 months and consist of an organizationís
staff member working for another organization for an extended period of
time in order to gain real skill development.  Non-staff administrative
costs of the host organization are covered by IHRIP.  

On-site Trainings are very focused and aim at getting knowledge across. 
IHRIP provides funding for a trainer to visit an organization to obtain
training on a specific topic that directly addresses the needs and
priorities of their organization.  These projects are usually 1-2 weeks
in length, providing for dissemination of knowledge, but little practice
of the skill.

Study tours are useful for comparative purposes.  They tend to last less
than a month, allowing staff to visit other organizations in order to
exchange ideas and thoughts on strategies and practices.  These projects
enable different organizations to collaborate together in order to
mutually advance their organizations.

These grants are highly competitive, and the application process is
rigorous, however if you feel the needs of your organization fit within
the criteria of the funding opportunity I strongly encourage you to
apply.  There are three application deadlines (February 28, June 30, and
October 31) but are reviewed when they arrive.  All applications must by
supported by an organization.  

If you decide to apply, the focus of the proposed project should be as
narrow as possible, focusing on strategy and skill development.  You
need to express what you want to learn and how it will strengthen your

Good luck! And, if you receive an internship, please let us know about
new tactics you learn about and incorporate into your organizationís


Kate Kelsch

For more information and applications, visit the IHRIP website: 

It sounds like a good resource for your organization to learn about a
new tactic. Hereís what they say on their web site:

"A key aspect of the projects IHRIP supports is the exchange of
knowledge and experience among organizations and activists in different
countries. Although each country and organization has a unique history
and development process, it is the program's experience that human
rights activists have a lot to gain from being able to "capture," in one
form or another, other activists' knowledge and experience. What did an
organization do when confronted with a particular social or political
situation? What strategy or response did they find was effective or not
effective in that context? How does an organization handle certain types
of cases? What strategies has it adopted and why?"

Kate Kelsch
New Tactics Project Manager
Center for Victims of Torture
+1-612-436-4885 telephone
+1-612-436-2606 fax

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