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Young European Roma Forum's Conference 
22. 9. 2005

The Forum of European Roma Young People (FERYP) announces the 'Young
Roma and Alternatives to Migration' conference held on 15-17 October
2004 in Budapest. 

UK: Protest Action against Evictions 
22. 9. 2005
On September 29 a demonstration against Roma and Travelers' evictions
will take place in Chelmsford, Essex region, as a part of the Essex-wide
campaign against further evictions.

First Graduates from Department of Romany Culture at Constantine the
Philosopher University 
21. 9. 2005

The first 58 students graduated with bachelor degrees from the
Department of Romany culture at Constantine the Philosopher University
in Slovak city of Nitra. According to our information, all the students
will be offered by chance to continue their studies for another two
years to obtain a masters degree.
Czech Police Failed in Action Against Neonazis 
21. 9. 2005

More than 500 skinheads and sympathizers with the skinheads movement
came to a concert of a Neonazi band held on Saturday 17, 2005 in
Krtetice u Vodnan, a village around 20 km from Strakonice. The event,
organized as a 'wedding celebration', has been probably the biggest
meeting of the Nazi bands' fans since the beginning of this year. Three
neonazi bands were performing during the concert and witnesses confirmed
that shouting the Nazi greeting 'Sieg Heil' as well as the name of
Rudolf Hess. 

Italy: Roma Market in the Italian Capital 
21. 9. 2005

If you are a tourist in Rome and you want to spend an alternative Sunday
morning, the cooperative Pharalipe' (Fraternity) organizes a weekly
flea-market of Romany crafts' objects and products. 
Save the Children Reports on Girls' Education 
21. 9. 2005
The international organization 'Save the Children' presents its annual
report on 'The Power and Promise of Girls' Education'. The Spanish
version of the report analyzes the level of education of Romany girls in

Romany Children in the Schools still Problems 

The Czech Press Agency (CTK) reported today that Romany children will be
separated into a new 'special class' in the elementary school Maj II in
Ceske Budejovice, a city in Southern Bohemia. 

American Ambassador Interested in Situation of Roma in Slovakia 
14. 9.2005

On September 13th, 2005, the American ambassador to Slovakia, Mr
Rodolphe M. Valle, met with three members of the Roma ethnic minority in
Presov. The purpose of the meeting was to obtain more information
regarding problems Roma are facing on participation in political
processes in Slovakia. 

Condolences for Milena Hubschmannova 
14. 9. 2005

Dear Friends, on September 8th, 2005, Dr Milena Hubschmannova died in a
car accident in South Africa. Dzeno has received many condolences and
reactions regarding the tragic death of this brilliant woman. Our
sadness over the event has lead us to the decision to publish at least
some of the responses that we have received.Thank you everyone for your
heartfelt, caring emails and letters. 

A Report on Romany Children Submitted to the UN 
14. 9. 2005

On September 13, the European Roma Rights (ERRC) submitted a report to
the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) concerning
Roma children's rights in Hungary. The CRC will formally review
Hungary's compliance with the International Convention on the Rights of
the Child in January 2006. 

Miss Roma 2005 International is Online 
13. 9. 2005

On June 25th, 2005 Nadja Saban won the title of Miss Roma 2005
International in the contest held in Skopje, Macedonia. Now she comes
with her own website.

Roma Back Dale Farm Against Bulldozers 
13. 9. 2005

Dale Farm residents, who face the bulldozing of their homes by an
extreme right-wing Tory council, led a procession through St Paul's
Cathedral yesterday (11 September), marking London's 10th. 

Dzeno's Report: Roma Victims of the Holocaust & IOM 
12. 9. 2005

Dzeno publishes its report on Compensations to Roma Victims of the
Holocaust & The International Organization for Migration (IOM). 


Gypsies Dispel Myths Though Film 
22. 9. 2005
Young Romanian Gypsies, or Roma, living in the UK have helped make a
film about their lives to dispel some of the myths surrounding their

Police Operation: Armed Cops Swoop on Travellers' Sites 
16. 9. 2005
ARMED police today swooped on travellers' sites in dramatic dawn raids
to snare suspected ram-raiders. Five hundred officers, some dressed in
bullet-proof vests, wearing gas masks, and accompanied by police dogs,
stormed several caravan sites, arresting five suspects. 

Hadareni Case: Court Defers the Decision on the Foreclosure Appeal 
15.9. 2005
TIRGU MURES - Local court in Ludus (central Romania) deferred on
September 6, for September 28, the decision in case of the appeal to the
foreclosure carried out by the Romanians sentenced in Hadareni trial,
which arose the dissatisfaction of the ethnic Roma people, making a
scandal when getting out of the audience hall, allegedly threatening
with putting the Romanians on fire. 

Europe's Largest Roma Community Elects New Mayor 
14. 9. 2005
Erduan Iseni is the new mayor of Skopje's Suto Orizari municipality. He
edged past rival Saban Saliu in the second round of special elections
held in the predominantly Roma community earlier this month. 

Implementation of Project for Return of Displaced Roma in Mitrovica
12. 9. 2005
The implementation of a joint project by Kosovo and international
institutions for return of displaced Roma to southern parts of the town
started today in Mitrovica. 

Town Hall Fined for Breaking Roma Rights 
12. 9. 2005
MIERCUREA CIUC - The Miercurea Ciuc town hall (southern Transylvania)
has been fined 4,000 RON (over 1,100 euros) by the National Council to
Combat Discrimination, because it evicted a Roma community from the edge
of the town to eight barracks located in an area with high risk of

Infectious Diseases Spread in Bulgaria after Floods 
12. 9. 2005
The torrential rains that flooded Bulgaria earlier this summer caused a
considerable increase in infectious diseases, health officials warned. 

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