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MERCATOR :: NEWSLETTER 18 :: October 2005 




>From January 2005 the Mercator Common Newsletter is a monthly
newsletter. This way you will be kept informed with more recent and
updated information.

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Publications and projects
- Working Paper n.20 online - ML 
- Network of Schools - ME 
- Mercator Media Represented at Friulian Conference - MM 

- Goodbye Tsjerk Bottema, introduction Sytske de Jong - ME 
- New titles Library - ME 

Success of Fourth Mercator International Symposium on Minority Languages
and Research

Success of Fourth Mercator International Symposium on Minority Languages
and Research


On the 26, 27 and 28 October about 70 experts on minority languages and
translation came together at the Mercator Media Centre in Aberystwyth,
Wales (UK) to discuss “Translation of Culture, Culture of Translation:
Languages in Film, Television and Literature”. The event addressed such
questions as: “How can small language communities use translation of
film, television and literature to their own best advantage?" Delegates
were welcomed to the event by Alun Pugh AM, the Minister for Culture,
Sport and the Welsh Language of the Welsh Assembly Government, and
Teresa Condeco, a representative of the European Commission with special
resonsibility for minority languages. 

Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones, Director of Mercator Media, said, “In a world
which is rapidly shrinking in terms of communications technologies and
with a global culture which is reaching into every corner of our lives
the challenge for minority languages is enormous. This is particularly
true of films, television and literature where trying to compete with
the power of international companies and content in major languages is
an even harder task.”

“Nevertheless, many films, programmes and books are translated into the
smaller languages of the world giving audiences a wider choice of
content in their own languages. Likewise, we see the creative works of
minority languages being translated into more major languages,“ she

The presentations offered included a wide range of relevant themes from
the type of Catalan used in dubbing to the process of translating
Shakespeare into Welsh; dubbing and subtitling policy in Irish
broadcasting; and the effect of translation on authors’ ongoing work in
their original language.

News October 2005 (links to the Mercator websites) 
Legislation news - Mercator-Linguistic Rights and Legislation
The ADUM project enters the dissemination phase
The report and recommendations of the application of the European
Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Spain has been made public 

Georgia finally ratifies the Framework Convention for the Protection of
National Minorities 

A ministerial decree on languages ignores the teaching of the 'regional'
languages of France 

Call for EU funding guarantee for lesser used languages 

Mercator Media holds its IV Mercator International Symposium on minority

Media news - Ofcom Agrees Terms for a Scottish Gaelic Digital Channel
Ofcom, the regulatory body for media and communications in the UK,
announced an agreement at the beginning of November with the independent
regional channels Scottish TV and Grampian TV to aid the establishment
of the proposed Gaelic digital television channel by 2007. 

New: Working Paper n.20 - Mercator-Linguistic Rights and Legislation
In its Working Paper. 20, Mercator-Linguistic Rights and Legislation
publishes the 'Legislation and practice in the usage of the Basque
language in the Foral Community of Navarre'. 

Projects: Network of Schools - Mercator-Education
Mercator’s Network of Schools was founded in 2003. The main goal of this
European School Network is to create a platform for multilingual schools
in minority regions within the European Union in order to facilitate the
exchange of information and experiences. Throughout the last two years
about 30 multilingual schools from some 15 different European minority
communities have joined this network. One of the objectives for the
coming years is not only to extend this network, but also to intensify

Mercator Media Represented at Friulian Conference - Mercator-Media

On the 5th of November 2005 a one-day conference titled “Lenghis Altris
e Media: Friul, Italie, Europe” was held as the closing part of the 25th
anniversary celebrations of Radio Onde Furlane. This independent
community radio station was established for the sole purpose of
broadcasting in Friulian and promoting and campaigning for the Friulian
language and culture. The aim of the conference was to take an overview
of the current situation of Radio Onde Furlane and other Friulian media,
to put them in the European perspective and to generate discussion with
the hope that this will lead to new steps forward in Friulian language


Goodbye Tsjerk Bottema, introduction Sytske de Jong - Mercator-Education 
Mercator-Education gave me in January 2003 the chance to gain more
experience in the field of minority languages and education in a
European context. This was actually quite extraordinary, since I was at
that moment still busy writing my master thesis. However, I am still
grateful for the chance that has been given to me at that time. 
New titles Library - Mercator-Education  
· Basque: The Basque language in education in Spain / Nick Gardner. –
2nd. ed. – Ljouwert /Leeuwarden: Mercator-Education, 2005. – Regional
Dossiers Series – issn 1570-1239 – signature 100S00628 

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