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Slovak police accuse seven people of supporting extremism
Bratislava, 17. 11. 2005, 21:43, (CTK) - Slovak police announced today
they have accused seven people, including Marian Kotleba, head of the
ultra-nationalist Slovak Community, of propagation of extremist
movements. Police director Anton Kulich told Markiza television today
that Kotleba has been accused of support for movements propagating
violence, fascism and similar ideologies.

Soros urges governments to take action on Decade of Roma inclusion
Buchurest, 17. 11. 2005, 20:55, (Roma Network) - George Soros today
called for governments in Central and South East Europe to take action
on an initiative to end discrimination against Roma, Europe`s largest
minority. The initiative, called the Decade of Roma Inclusion, was
endorsed by nine governments at its launch in February and represents an
unprecedented international effort to ensure that Roma have equal access
to education, housing, employment, and healthcare. Today`s event is the
first steering committee meeting since Romania assumed the Decade`s
rotating presidency. 

Lectures on Romanies' WW2 destiny to continue at schools in 2006
Prague, 18. 11. 2005, 08:10, (CTK) - The project "Romanies who Disappear
and Romanies Today", within which Romany survivors visit elementary and
secondary schools and present the history of Romanies during World War
Two, will continue also in 2006, members of the Ziva pamet (Live Memory)
organisation told CTK. Ziva pamet organises the project, launched in
February, together with the Romany Culture Museum. The project may
continue this school year thanks to the support of the Erinnerung und
Zukunft fund. 

Centres for help to poor children to appear in regions
Prague, 18. 11. 2005, 07:39, (CTK) - Centres in which experts will try
to help children from a disadvantageous environment with school and
motivate them to reach as high an education as possible will be set up
in regions within a project that will be launched next year and will
cost 80 million crowns, Lidove noviny says today. "We want to focus on
Romany children and children from other ethnic minorities, although this
will not be the rule. We will work with all children who need this,"
Jana Zapletalova, director of the Institute of the Pedagogical and
Psychological Consultory that drafted the project, told the paper. 

Number of steadily poor people rising in Slovakia
Bratislava, 16. 11. 2005, 20:04, (CTK) - Regional differences and the
development of short-term poverty into a long-term problem are typical
of poverty in Slovakia, it ensued from experts' speeches at the
conference on poverty that was held in Bratislava this week. The number
of poor people has not been markedly rising, said Labour Minister Iveta

New hearing of case of Russian neo-Nazi band member next year
Prague, 16. 11. 2005, 16:42, (CTK) - The case of Denis Gerasimov, 28, a
member of the Russian neo-Nazi band Kolovrat who has been prosecuted in
the Czech Republic for promoting Nazism and neo- Nazism, will be
re-opened at the end of 2006, court panel chairwoman Katerina Kohoutkova
said today.

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