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ECMI Action-oriented Projects

ECMI has pioneered an informal approach to constructive conflict management. It 
maintains continuous links with groups and individuals in regions of tension or 
conflict. At the appropriate time, it organizes workshops and seminars in the 
regions of tension or at other venues. This gives the protagonists an 
opportunity to engage in discourse with their counterparts outside of the 
framework of confrontation. During these events ECMI makes available 
experiences and approaches to solving specific contested issues which have been 
attempted successfully in other regions. It seeks to structure the emerging 
dialogue in a way that leads to concrete recommendations for cooperation among 
the parties. ECMI will also seek to assist in developing a follow-on process, 
to support the actual implementation of initiatives which may have been agreed 
during a workshop. ECMI maintains its interest in areas of tension in all parts 
of Europe, but presently specifically in the Balkans as well as the CIS-area.

ECMI gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its funders, who value 
ECMI's work and have supported it financially.

For further information on the action-oriented projects of the European Centre 
for Minority Issues, please see the following web page.

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